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BT Sourced, based in Dublin, announces use of Globality AI-powered Smart Sourcing platform


Today, Silicon Valley-headquartered tech firm Globality announced a partnership with BT Sourced to use its AI-powered Smart Sourcing® platform.

“BT’s changing and so is procurement,” said CPO Cyril Pourrat. “Digitization is the driving force for long-term growth and value to the BT customer and operating model. Partnering with Globality will help us to embrace digital technology and simplify our processes … Having immediate access to our current suppliers and Globality’s diverse global network will bring agility and new value to our teams.” BT now uses Globality’s AI advisor, Glo™ to quickly and easily source the best suppliers for consulting, marketing, IT, HR, legal and other service categories. Here's the news in full ...

Webinar with Medius: Why AP is a fundamental partner to procurement


On April 27 Spend Matters will be joined by spend management solutions provider and specialist in AP automation, Medius, to talk about how organizations can drive growth through best-in-class process efficiency between procurement and AP, leading to cost-savings opportunities and greater financial control (register here).

A specific focus of the discussion will be on the financial control theme, recognizing that when it comes to spend management process improvements, whether from technology implementation or behavioral change, it is more often than not the last step in the process that gets left out: AP. Whether digitizing or automating processes, it’s important to do that for the whole process, not just part of it if we want to see comprehensive results. So this webinar aims to explain the imperative of making Accounts Payable part of your process improvement process, and why AP is such a valuable partner to procurement, and vice versa.

Ivalua NOW — Covid has changed companies’ boundaries: More opportunities for procurement

Ivalua Now

Ivalua NOW wasn’t all about Ivalua – they had some excellent sessions on a variety of topical issues, one of which took our eye.

Natacha Tréhan PhD, Professor in Purchasing Management from the University of Grenoble Alpes, gave an informed and thoughtful presentation on the contribution of procurement to economic renewal. She believes “we can no longer copy and paste the past, the Covid crisis has highlighted the urgent need to rethink business models.” She explained the key future trends and how they impact business models and why innovation is crucial to economic renaissance. She explained what we mean by innovation in the procurement sense, and how procurement needs to rethink its role in innovation projects to explore new ecosystems and choose and manage suppliers to increase the success of innovation projects.

Procurement in Practice — Handling unique sourcing complexities at Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line Chief Procurement Officer Norbert Dean joins us for this month's Procurement in Practice interview, which gives procurement professionals insights into how major players in the market handle issues that affect all procurement practitioners. Today, Dean discusses procurement technology and explains why sourcing for a 24/7, constantly moving operation poses some unique sourcing challenges.

“The difference between this industry and others, is that people stay on board. So it’s rather like sourcing for a giant hotel in terms of the breadth of products and services required. That might be the combination of food and beverages, the medical items and equipment, and especially PPE right now, the consumables people use every day, the hotel goods or the cleaning products and services. And then you have to factor in the quarterly and annual necessities, like changing out the TVs and mattresses — it’s a year-round operation," he says. "... It’s a tricky business when it comes to delivery times for all goods and services; they must be on time, because when the ship leaves, it leaves."

Public Spend Forum: GovCon Summit and podcast with former White House officials


Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF ...

Ivalua NOW Europe 2021 — Payments overview and innovation showcase

Ivalua Now

We attended Ivalua NOW Virtual this week — a compendium of the procurement and supply chain issues of the day explained, explored and delivered by some inspirational speakers from industry and academia. Ivalua is the suite provider with French roots and based in California. Topics ranged from the restoration of growth following the business disruption of 2020, through the empowerment of organizations to attain the agility and resilience needed to deliver maximum value in 2021. We noted that CSR and innovation seemed to be the recurring themes throughout the two days and across the strategic objectives discussed. Here are our key observations from the inaugural Ivalua presentations with more from other speakers to come.

Where are CPOs focusing their time, effort and investment this year? WNS Denali finds out

WNS Denali

Procurement advisory and managed services provider, WNS Denali, has released the results of its “Procurement Pulse Check for 2021” benchmark survey which it carried out in conjunction with Procurecon. The report looks into the strategies of CPOs for 2021 and where they intend to focus their time, effort and investment. Having surveyed more than 100 procurement executives (of which 60% hold global roles) from around the world and from varying industries, it shares the common themes from the data collected to give other senior procurement executives a benchmark as they face the months ahead.

They gathered CPO perspectives on the priorities in their organization today, the priorities in their organization for the future and the critical investment areas for the year ahead. They then asked respondents to rank these priorities across a number of initiatives, namely: strategic business alignment, digital transformation, operating model and talent. Here's what they found.

Mining a new type of ‘less conventional’ Spend Matters procurement intelligence


Our readers will be aware of the incredible breadth of content that Spend Matters produces on a daily basis to help the procurement professional be more informed and effective. What many readers may not realise, however, is that behind all the research, intelligence and reporting that constitutes the Spend Matters machine, sits some very real and super clever people with real-world procurement and supply chain experience and expertise. Our analysts hail from diverse backgrounds and many have become authorities on the purchasing and supply chain industry.

As Spend Matters heads into a new era of diversifying our knowledge to cater to a more diverse procurement readership, we are also providing a new type of procurement intelligence that aims to advise and help procurement professionals with the less conventional challenges of the day, while offering topics for dialogue and debate. One of those voices will come from our chief research analyst Pierre Mitchell — meet him here.

Procurement data nightmares? No more bad dreams — join our webinar with Creactives


Organizations are thinking more deeply about their categorization strategies and are putting more and more store by what harmonized procurement data categorization can do for them when applied in an AI-driven manner. The problem for procurement is that they are often asked to work with spend data that comes from both structured and unstructured origins and which is merged from various sources, including disparate IT systems from various regions. They then have to align it and somehow arrive at a global, single and accurate view to help them understand what is being spent where, when, how and with whom in order to help procurement deliver business value (not to mention savings).

Recognizing that many procurement organizations are still struggling with data challenges and are seeking advice on how to solve them, we are putting together a webinar with the experts at Creactives to help organizations understand exactly what they can realistically do.

Public Spend Forum: Public Spend For-Her, AR/VR in 2021 and supplier shortlists made simple


Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF: