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Supply chain finance: 3 core components for a best-in-class SCF solution

The value of a supply chain finance (SCF) solution has never been clearer than in recent months, with many companies opting to boost the resilience of their supply chains and support their suppliers in volatile trading conditions.

But while SCF has much to offer, it’s important to remember that not all solutions are made equal. With that in mind, here are three components that buyers should focus on when setting out to implement a best-in-class SCF solution:

Demystifying the role of technology: Automation

Many companies are tapping into the opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies, which have the potential to enhance productivity even further. Automation is one such concept that has plenty to offer, both now and in the future. Whether it's improving your cash forecasting process or streamlining invoice processing, we explore some of the use cases and benefits for automation.

Demystifying the role of technology in supply chain finance: Blockchain

Blockchain has been described more than once as a “solution looking for a problem.” In recent years, the hype around this topic — namely the use of a distributed, decentralized public ledger to create an immutable record of transactions — has vastly outweighed its real-life applications. So what could blockchain have to offer the world of supply chain finance?

Re-evaluating the cash conversion cycle in the COVID-19 era

In these extraordinary times, maximizing working capital has never been more important. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many sectors in different ways, be it a shift in demand from one type of product to another or a decline in activity/sales overall. Conversely, for some businesses, changes in customer behavior have resulted in a significant spike in demand.

In these market conditions, it’s more important than ever for companies to look critically at their cash conversion cycle (CCC) — the time taken to convert the firm’s investment in inventory into sales and receive payment for goods sold.

Supply chain health check: 10 things you should be doing in the COVID-19 era

As companies emerge from the coronavirus storm, it will be more important than ever to test the resilience of their supply chains in the current environment — and strengthen them in preparation for any future crises. From stress-testing the financial health of the supply chain to becoming more agile when onboarding new suppliers, companies should consider the following 10 actions: