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For 2021, faster responses are coming with Promena Chatbot and Quick Request for Quotation (Q-RFQ)


Promena is an agile sourcing platform that embraces improvements and innovative solutions. In this context, the company continues to provide numerous benefits to its customers in 2021 with more modules and innovations. Today I will only talk about the innovations we bring to our existing modules: Chatbot and Quick Request for Quotation (Q-RFQ).

How Promena helps customers with our managed services model

Digitally powered procurement means operational efficiency, financial benefits, traceability and access to vital data. On a more detailed level, digitization covers predictive analyses, data analytics, ERP integrations and end-to-end processes.

But can just one single software solution be enough? Do companies also have different expectations or need a different type of service while running their processes digitally?