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How To Make Spend Analysis Do More: Your 4-Step To-Do List

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I always love doing spend analysis webinars. When I first started at Spend Matters in 2010, spend analysis was in its infancy — as in, “hmm, we really might want to start looking at what people buy, and when, and see if we can do maybe do something about what we find out.” It’s a pleasure to sit down with our own internal procurement futurist, Pierre Mitchell, and industry leaders like GEP, to hear about the new (and fascinating) ways procurement people are using their data, as we did in a recent webinar, The Secret Life of Spend Analysis: What’s Hidden in Your Data that You Never Thought to Look For. I highly recommend watching the entire event, but just in case you happen to be a busy procurement person who has 15 minutes vs. the full hour, we’ve pulled out some of the highlights for you!

How to Really Get a 360-Degree View of Your Suppliers


Last week, I had the pleasure of moderating an ISM webinar with Roger Blumberg (Pool4Tool), Bill DeMartino (riskmethods), Pierre-Francois Thaler (Ecovadis), and Edda Rottscheidt (LexisNexis). If you missed it, I highly recommend watching the replay. The one bad thing about webinars is that they usually come to an end before all of the audience questions are addressed, so I thought I’d start a Spend Matters mini-series to answer some of the ones we weren’t able to make it to live. For this installment, I asked Roger Blumberg to address a question from Genesis Energy: Who (clients, industries) has a 360° view of their suppliers? How real-time is the view? What are their business cases?

Afternoon Coffee: Supply Chain Slavery is All Too Real; Make an Appointment to Buy Apple Watch

President Obama recently signed an executive order requiring government contracts to make sure their supply chains aren't using forced labor, if you want an Apple watch (that's not the $10K one) then you'll need to make an appointment, the income gap in your 'hood is connected to your longevity, and GNC is paying more attention to supplement quality control. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

You’re Invited! 2015 Procurement Predictions Webinar Series (Part 1)

Throughout January and February, all of our Ask the Expert webinars will be exclusively focused on our collective 2015 Procurement Predictions, put together by the entire Spend Matters analyst team. Best of all? This series is open to ALL Plus/PRO members AND procurement practitioners. Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell will be kicking off the series this Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015, from 10-10:30 a.m. Central, so don't miss it! Click here to register.

What Happens to the Gifts You Return? A Post-Christmas Look at the Supply Chain

Retailers are now dealing with the busiest time of the year for merchandise returns - and supply chain experts say that e-commerce isn't helping. Also, do you know the true supply chain story behind your tomatoes (and other fruits and veggies) from Mexico? Also, look for some new data coming out this Friday: it's when the purchasing managers' indices come out. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in supply chain and procurement news.

Ask the Expert Webinar Tomorrow: How to Build a Category Workbook (For Sourcing and More!)

In this week's Ask the Expert webinar tomorrow, Dec. 12, 2014 from 11-11:30 a.m. CST, Spend Matters Plus/PRO members will be treated to a talk from Xavier Olivera of Spend Matters Mexico/Latin America. Xavier will guide you through the creation of an MRO category workbook to illustrate how rich this type of practice could be for any sourcing and knowledge management effort. Specifically, he'll walk through category scoping, opportunity assessments, how to profile internally and externally, how to develop a strategy, and finally, the role of supplier management in all this. Plus/PRO members, click through to register.

Ask the Expert: Procurement Performance Management (PPM) – The Ultimate Alignment Tool – Not a Dashboard!

In this session, come hear from one of world's pre-eminent experts in PPM, our own Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, to learn how the best procurement organizations use this capability not to track their lagging metrics of the past, but to look to the future, to stay aligned with stakeholders, to create an effective procurement operating model, and to elevate the supply management value proposition and transform functions beyond world class performance. Caveat: this week’s webinar will take a full 60 minutes. Double espresso recommended. Plus and PRO members, click on through to register.

Join the Spend Matters Analysts on Halloween for The Scariest Procurement Stories of ALL TIME

Nobody loves a scary procurement story as much as the Spend Matters analyst team. Therefore, we thought we'd hold the closest thing you can to a procurement seance (ahem, a webinar, duh) this Friday (Halloween), from 10-10:30am Central. Expect bone chilling procurement tales of terror from Jason Busch, Pierre Mitchell, Peter Smith, and Xavier Olivera. This webinar is open to EVERYONE, so we hope to see you on Friday: register here.

IACCM’s 2014 Conference: Contract/Commercial Management Person? YOU ARE IMPORTANT! (Part 2)

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In my last post covering IACCM’s Americas Conference, I covered some risk management strategies that contract/commercial people can take before leaving you with a thrilling cliffhanger on how both personal and department branding can be the key to internal and external success. There was an overall encouraging undertone throughout the day of “You are important. Your job is important. Contracting is important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” So let’s dive into some feel-good personal stuff, shall we?

Ask the Expert Webinar Tomorrow! Grab Your Shades: The Future of Spend Analytics is Bright

In this week's Ask The Expert webcast on Friday, October 17 from 10-10:30am Central, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell will give the 50-cent tour of our "50 Shades of Pay" Plus series on spend analysis. Pierre will introduce the analytics framework being used for the series and then provide a roadmap of how spend analytics is a gateway to spend/supply management excellence, starting with historic spend visibility, but then broadening to analytics in procurement performance, supply base performance, and compliance management. And there's more – much more! The session will also cover related areas of master data management, planning and budgeting, working capital management, risk management, and predictive analytics. Sunglasses not provided, unfortunately. Plus/PRO members, click on through to register.

IACCM’s 2014 Conference: Holistic Risk Management Through Contracting (Part 1)

As CEO Tim Cummins said in his keynote speech on the first day of this year’s IACCM Americas Conference: “The journey for recognition of the contracting function has taken 15 years - most of it wandering through a desert.” Dry (heh) British humor aside, the overall feeling at the event was that contracting as a whole is finally getting the corporate recognition that it deserves, as a “professionalized community that operates with respect in the business world.” Here are some highlights from the sessions I attended on holistic risk management (through contracts, of course!).