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Afternoon Coffee, coronavirus edition: FBI resends alert about supply chain attacks; Find go-to solutions to target fraud; Avetta has tips on getting small business loans; UPS aids healthcare supply chain; TP crisis?

For the third time in three months, the FBI has alerted companies about state-sponsored hackers using the Kwampirs malware, which is now being used against healthcare companies. In related news, Spend Matters Coronavirus Response series highlights solutions that can help in a crisis. Today we write about fraud detection and mitigation. Read our PRO post to learn more about AppZen, ConnXus and APEX Analytix. In other news: Avetta to shed light on applying for loans via the federal New Small Business Assistance Programs (CARES). And more on grocery stores, toilet paper and the future of U.S. supply chains. Afternoon Coffee: Chock full o' news.

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Afternoon Coffee: Coupa names lululemon exec as new CPO; Emergency airlifts for coronavirus crisis; Child labor in cocoa supply chains?; iPhone 12 production

Coupa announced today that it has a new chief procurement officer, Michael van Keulen, who managed global procurement for the workout apparel maker lululemon. In other news, Reuters reports in an exclusive story that U.S. customs authorities had directed cocoa traders to report where and when they encountered child labor in their supply chains in Ivory Coast. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest procurement and supply chain news.

Coronavirus Response survey: Spend Matters needs YOUR insights on the crisis

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Spend Matters technology analysts have developed a Coronavirus Response series to help our readers understand the array of ways that procurement practitioners are using tools and techniques to respond to the crisis in the short-to-medium term. This is a non-commercial effort to see where procurement organizations can help themselves, their supply chains and beyond.

As such, we'd love to learn from procurement pros and share what you're seeing in the trenches and how we can help. Please contact me personally at, or email our team here.

For technology providers and consultants, we’d appreciate hearing back from you on a few questions we have.

You can use this Google survey form to easily answer the questions and send to us.

AP Automation vendors are highlighted in a new SolutionMap category for our Spring 2020 release

“The AP Automation market is ‘hot, hot, hot’ in which vendors compete in a market that is growing and changing by the day,” Spend Matters’ Founder Jason Busch wrote in a recent Nexus article.

That’s why Spend Matters has added AP Automation technology rankings to the Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap release, which came out Tuesday. Six vendors demonstrated their solutions for Spend Matters, participated in a round of analyst scoring of their offering’s capabilities and were ranked according to feedback from their customers. (See details below about Basware, Coupa, SoftCo, Tipalti, Tradeshift and Yooz.)

Those vendors represent a trend that SolutionMap needed to capture, but you might be asking why this technology is developing now.

AP automation holds a lot of promise for businesses that want to optimize cash flow, reduce manual tasks and improve insights into transactions. It is considered a great stepping stone into invoice-to-pay (I2P) process automation, which stretches from invoice creation/receipt through validations and approval, all the way to payment. AP Automation represents a subset of these steps.

“Investment in this area is critical, not just for procurement transformation but also for supporting value creation across the whole business,” says Xavier Olivera, Spend Matters’ Lead Analyst for the Procure-to-Pay category.

Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap release note: Sourcing, Spend and Procurement Analytics, Supplier Relationship Management & Risk, Contract Lifecycle Management and Strategic Procurement Technology Suites

This Spend Matters SolutionMap Insider release note provides insight into the Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap release for the following five categories: Sourcing, Spend and Procurement Analytics, Supplier Relationship Management & Risk, Contract Lifecycle Management, and Strategic Procurement Technologies Suite. The note reviews the process we follow and highlights what has changed since the last release.

Also, SolutionMap is shifting from quarterly updates to spring and fall updates. This is the last quarterly release and the first spring release, so you’ll see it labeled “Spring/Q1.”

Changes to Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap

In the above individual areas, the following providers have been added for this release:
* Conga is a new participant in the Contract Lifecycle Management SolutionMap category.
* Rosslyn Analytics is a new participant in the Spend & Procurement Analytics SolutionMap category.
* Suplari is a new participant in the Spend & Procurement Analytics SolutionMap category.
* Xeeva is a new participant in the Spend & Procurement Analytics SolutionMap category.

Wax Digital, has changed its name to Wax Digital / Medius, and Orpheus was acquired by McKinsey. Their offering is now “Spend Intelligence by McKinsey.

In addition, 72 new or refreshed customer references (and 60 individual map references) were added in the Strategic Procurement Technology areas.

Get a first look at the Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap comparative quadrant graphics here.

SolutionMap Insider members: Access the latest Provider Scoring Summary reports right here.

SolutionMap update for Spring/Q1 2020 ranks 69 procurement technology vendors and adds AP Automation category

Spend Matters today has updated its free SolutionMap benchmark rankings for the new Spring/Q1 2020 release. The latest SolutionMap compares 69 procurement technology providers across 13 categories — which includes a new ranking map for Accounts Payable (AP) Automation vendors.

Six providers are featured in the first AP Automation category, which reflects the growing importance that vendors are placing on payments.

SolutionMap began in 2017 and has become the definitive procurement technology benchmark. It will now be updated in the spring and fall instead of each quarter.

Click on the headline above to find out which vendors are in the new AP Automation category — and to learn about new vendors to SolutionMap.