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3 Things to Consider After Trump Makes Tariffs Official: Jobs, NAFTA and Beer

Our sister site MetalMiner has had its most heart-stopping week and a half arguably since that site was founded, covering the Trump administration’s announcement and subsequent signing of a proclamation imposing broad-reaching steel and import tariffs. In the time since my colleague and MetalMiner editor Fouad Egbaria gave us a rundown on the market effects, reactions and procurement implications, President Trump’s announcement (which, until last Thursday, was “just that — an announcement — until the formal policy is hammered out and put to paper,” as Egbaria wrote), was finally, well, put to paper, in a way.

E-Procurement 2018 Trends for Practitioners and Providers: An Overview

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For a consumer of information, there’s something magical in coming across “predictions,” whether they’re about the weather, which team is going to win Super Bowl or something even more exciting (to us) — trends in the e-procurement market. But that’s the thing about magic: it often has no substance. That’s why the Spend Matters analyst team focuses less on predicting the future and more on sharing analysis gained from research and engagement with practitioners and providers.

Top 3 Procurement Mergers and Acquisitions of 2017 (and 2018, So Far)

No matter the year, activity in procurement mergers and acquisitions (M&A) always tops the list of highly read Spend Matters coverage. It should be no surprise, as the short-, medium- and long-term results affect procurement providers and, ultimately, practitioners alike. Over the last year (and in the first month of 2018), we’ve seen several key link-ups whose ramifications have already begun to ripple throughout the sector. Here are the top events — in no particular ranked order — of the past 12 months or so, and what they mean to the industry, according to the Spend Matters analysts and extended team.

Q&A: How Coupa Views the Competitive Landscape Stretching Before It in 2018 and Beyond

Art of Procurement Podcast

We spoke recently with Leslie Campbell, a member of Coupa’s board of directors and a seasoned procurement practitioner, on the topic of fairness and gender equality in the workplace. “Leveraging each individual’s unique background and skill set to benefit the team, compensating them fairly and equally for their work, and providing the individual opportunities to grow and expand...isn’t unique to procurement,” she said, “it’s just good talent management.” The discussion of talent management continued with Coupa’s Executive Vice President of People Ray Martinelli, and then turned to Donna Wilczek, the firm’s vice president of product strategy and innovation, on how Coupa is setting itself up to compete with industry incumbents — not to mention newcomers.

The Procurement Workplace in the Weinstein Era: Q&A with Coupa Board Member Leslie Campbell

It’s often difficult to separate the technical sides of any profession or industry from its cultural, human-oriented counterparts. After all, humans are still the driving force behind and beneficiaries of procurement technology — no matter what AI and automation have in store for us — and we must continue to learn how to better work together. With that, we continue our conversation with Leslie Campbell, member of Coupa’s Board of Directors and former procurement practitioner, on what diversity, fairness and gender equality in the procurement workplace mean in the current cultural moment.

Q&A with Coupa Board Member Leslie Campbell on the Big Ideas: AI, Automation and the Future of Procurement as We Know It

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Leslie Campbell, former CPO of Reed Elsevier and vice president of procurement at Dell Inc., has certainly seen a lot in her years as a high-level procurement practitioner from her perch in the c-suite. Having joined Coupa’s board of directors relatively recently, Campbell had been excited about where the solution provider was headed. We recently had a chance to get her thoughts on some of the trends and predictions swirling around the industry.

Survey: Many Law Firms’ Procurement Organizations Still Crawling Toward Maturity, While Some Have Begun Walking

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HBR Consulting held its third-annual Law Procurement Roundtable last October, where law firm procurement leaders can break bread, talk strategy and do some peer benchmarking of their firms’ performance. The event also both drives and supplements the firm’s Law Firm Procurement Survey, the high-level results of which the firm released just before the new year. Spoiler alert: many of the same issues that we spoke about with HBR’s Managing Director Lee Garbowitz in the past have cropped up again.

As Sessions Tries to Kill the High, Cannabis Industry’s Domestic — and Global — Aspirations Continue Speeding Up

The new year began with a bang — especially for those in the U.S. Pacific Time Zone. That’s because the entire contiguous western seaboard has now officially legalized and instituted recreational marijuana sales and consumption, with California joining Oregon and Washington on Jan. 1 as the latest state to open dispensary doors for rec sales. Many in the pot press were quick to point out that with more than 50 million people, California represents the single-biggest individual market for recreational cannabis as the world’s sixth-largest economy. Various analysts estimate the state’s total value of the pot market will eclipse that of all other U.S. states with recreational markets combined in just a few years or less. But everything that goes up (in smoke), must come down (from its high).

It’s 2018: Do You Know Where Your Aluminum Products Are (Coming From)?

With the Section 232 investigation serving as a prompt, you definitely should know. If your organization sources aluminum or aluminum products: time to pay attention. Our sister site MetalMiner shines a light on the aluminum industry in the latest episode of their podcast series, "Manufacturing Trade Policy Confidential." Guest Heidi Brock, president and CEO of the Aluminum Association, gives listeners a sense of what matters to the aluminum industry — and what could be at stake for aluminum buyers in 2018.

5 Key Lessons Given and Learned: How Procurement and IT Can Work Together to Transform the Business


Before taking part in a webinar with Rimini Street on how procurement and IT can more effectively work together to shift focus from maintaining existing systems to investing in innovation, our intrepid founder Jason Busch wrote, “I’ll be learning as much about this topic during the event as I’ll be contributing to it.” Hopefully I’m not alone in wondering what Jason’s lessons learned indeed were during the ensuing discussion. Banking on that, we caught up with Jason on his takeaways from the event.