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Tradeshift and the Disruption of Big Business, Live from Davos

Spend Matters welcomes this sponsored guest post by Vishal Patel, head of solutions marketing at Tradeshift.

The 2016 World Economic Forum gets under way in Davos, Switzerland, today. What’s on everyone’s minds and lips is the potential that technology has to truly transform and disrupt business. CEOs of the Fortune 1000, journalists and world leaders will be speaking all week to the theme of tech transformation.

The Future and Promise of E-Procurement

All technologies follow a natural progression, beginning with conception and followed by iterations of improvement. In some rare cases, these iterations compound until they accelerate to the point of exponential innovation. In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen more technologies — from computing power to rocketry — reach this upper echelon of development. Now it’s procurement’s turn.