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Black Swan Events: A Double-Edged Sword for Supply Chain Resiliency Proponents

In 2011, the unthinkable occurred in Japan. A massive earthquake triggered a tsunami, which in turn triggered a nuclear power plant meltdown, all of which combined to create a humanitarian disaster of epic scale. It is during times like these that many companies rethink their supply chain vulnerabilities and threat matrices. The result is an upswing in interest in supply risk management and resiliency strategies and initiatives and associated technology solutions.

Mobile First is the Future of Supply Chain Risk Management

Spend Matters welcomes this sponsored article from Wayne Caccamo, chief marketing officer at Resilinc.

For most enterprise business applications, the addition of mobile interfaces has facilitated data access and accelerated workflow. For some business applications, mobility is transforming the business process and creating new capability rather than simply extending the application user interface (UI) to handheld devices. This is the case with cloud applications for supply chain risk management (SCRM) and resiliency.