Decisions via Data

Nobody should make product roadmap, make-vs-buy, partnership or acquisition decisions without (accurate and trusted) data.

What you need for complex decision making

A lot goes into making business-changing strategy decisions, especially when it comes to what comes next on your product roadmap (and why), which way markets are going (and why) and whether a company is a good acquisition target (and why). The problem? Most people have a heck of a time finding a solid, defensible answer to the “and why” — and it can take years to do so.

Spend Matters data feeds …

Technical Product Analysis

Granular product benchmark data at the module, functional and platform/stack levels triangulated with customer ratings and commentary for competitive intelligence, build-vs-buy or roadmap decisions.

Due Diligence

Product, market and technology, and customer satisfaction benchmarking to inform an active deal cycle or M&A scouting for future acquisition targets.


Channel partnerships can be a healthy revenue stream — if you know how to find, pitch, engage and monetize them. Who should you be working with, and how? Who’s not a fit, and why?

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