Source-to-Pay (S2P)

End-to-end solution suites that manage integrated procurement/payment processes spanning spend/supply analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management and transactional procure-to-pay (P2P).

Why selecting the right S2P Technology can be difficult

Internal roadblocks

CIOs favoring ERP-centric S2P suites often clash with CPOs looking for balanced architectures with specialized vendors (and partners), resulting in poor decisions, alignment and joint value to the business.

Noise & opinions

Navigating overwhelming ‘vendor noise,’ non-objective counsel and high-level analyst reports that create delay (as do approaches ONLY considering peer networking) and blindness to viable market choices.

Been there, done that

Avoiding selection projects that end up with the same shortlisted players, but are ‘sub-optimized’ at best (or scrapped at worst) because of missing intelligence on granular vendor/product capabilities (e.g., major data model and platform-level gaps), ROI business case realities, vendor risks and commercial ‘gotchas.’

Top 5 S2P Technology Modules

Learn more about S2P tech capabilities and discover the importance of capabilities in your technology selection.

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top capabilities for sourde-to-pay

Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Meet the individual and collective needs of procurement, IT and functional partners — not just procurement — solving the all-or-none ERP vs Best-of-Breed selection problem.

Quickly hone in on digital tooling optimized for many factors: procurement strategy/operating model, budget, backoffice environment, digital strategy (e.g., make vs. buy; self-funding; ERP constraints; IT support), service partner ecosystem, etc.

Deliver fast time-to-value, but not get boxed out longer term with a system that cannot scale or meet unique business/IT needs and constraints.

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