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Lessons Learned From AGCO’s Global Supplier Risk Management Program

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It is important to realize that supplier risk management (SRM) is still in its infancy. The solutions on the marketplace today are only scratching the surface of what is possible. Any company that has grown beyond a trivial size realistically has to be proactive about risk, not fighting fires only after emergencies strike. And it must stay on top of the latest technology and information sources capable of building visibility and awareness into incidents at all tiers in the supply base.

Organizations that want an inside track on building or accelerating a business case for investment in SRM are likely to find the Spend Matters paper, A Case Study in Global Supply Chain Risk Management: How AGCO Implemented an SCRM Solution to Save Millions, useful in their efforts.

Building a Program Office: Tying Organizational Transformation to Services Procurement (Part 3)

Throughout this series exploring a case example of a services procurement transformation program aligned to overall company transformation efforts, we have centered our exploration on the program itself: its past and current state. In this final installment of the series, we explore the actual program office structure and operating model itself that the firm put in place as part of its transformation efforts.

Changing a Program From the Inside Out: Tying Organizational Transformation to Services Procurement (Part 2)

At the IQNavigator IQNsider’s event earlier this month, the contingent workforce program leader from a large financial services institution took the stage to talk about how his firm’s overall transformation efforts included a new focus on services procurement programs as part of the overall change elements for the company. As part of this initiative, the organization focused on creating a hybrid top-down and bottoms-up approach to managing an overall program office to “show value through stakeholder partnerships” and to engage line-level managers.

Tying Organizational Transformation to Services Procurement: A Case Example (Part 1)

At IQNavigator’s customer event earlier this month, I had the chance to listen to a case study from the services procurement program leader for a financial services firm, a story that offers lessons for procurement organizations regardless of industry. Most curiously, the company has started to tie elements of its overall organizational transformation efforts – the firm promoted within a chief transformation officer who is on the executive team – to its services procurement efforts.

Addressing Communication Challenges With Supplier Enablement and E-Invoicing: Lessons From a Fortune 500 Food/Beverage Company

Even with an initial well-constructed strategy in place with support tactics, it is inevitable in any supplier enablement and e-invoicing deployment that things will not always go as planned, or issues will arise that couldn’t possibly have been pre-determined. One issue for an organization we recently talked to was around communications to suppliers requesting information. It turned out that a surprising number of suppliers going through the onboarding process believed the outbound email and phone-based efforts were “phishing” efforts designed to steal their confidential information (e.g., banking details).

A Seasonal Case Study – Complex Distribution Problems Solved!

Spend Matters Europe Editor Nancy Clinton and I took on one of our more exciting assignments after we were asked to write a case study relating to a client of Trade Extensions, the advanced sourcing software firm. This client had faced a difficult issue that, at worst, could put its whole business at risk, and they needed help in terms of running an incredibly complicated tender for global distribution services – much of the requirement concentrated on one particular evening, just to make matters worse.

Mobile Procurement and the Interim Chief Procurement Officer

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Vroozi. Holding an interim position isn’t easy. You step into a recently vacated role and are tasked with leading an established group with an established set of practices. Meanwhile, you likely have your own thoughts and ideas and would like to establish yourself as someone who can handle the position going forward—once the interim label is removed. This process is no easier when the interim person in question is the interim chief procurement officer.

Mobile Procurement and the Frequent Business Traveler

While on a recent trip to visit with potential clients in New York City, John received an urgent phone call from the president of the North American division of the company. If John was caught off-guard, it was only in the discovery that one of the company’s premier accounts was extremely upset. With the urgency of the matter mutually understood, John realized that he would not be enjoying a nap on his flight back home that afternoon; he would be rerouting his journey to Atlanta. Without family or friends in Atlanta, John uses mobile procurement to book a hotel and car-- quickly and within the parameters of corporate approval.

P&G: A Case Study in 10 Easy Lessons

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This paper provides 10 lessons procurement organizations can learn from P&G’s efforts to create thoughtful value through their working capital programs.