Contract Lifecycle Management

Solutions that automate the authoring, negotiation, execution, implementation, monitoring and renewal of B2B contracts (with an emphasis on supplier contracts).

Why invest in CLM Technology?

As the lynchpin between ‘upstream’ source-to-contract (S2C) processes and ‘downstream’ transactional procure-to-pay (P2P) processes, contract management tools enhance the efficiency of the overall procurement process by increasing the speed and quality with which the contract process is completed. They also improve access to contract information and drive more effective and timely purchasing decisions through re-use of information to create contract terms and notifications of when to take critical actions.

Why selecting the right CLM Technology can be difficult


Effectively evaluating specific (buy-/sell-side) functionalities to support fragmented contract types and stakeholder requirements to determine best-fit vendors.

Similar but different

Assessing the differences in value propositions across vendors that appear very similar for contract automation but can be very different in terms of commercial value modeling and realization.

Support options

Distinguishing the levels of solution support for counterparty collaboration can be difficult and nuanced, but it is extremely important for those managing counterparty-originated agreements.

Top 5 CLM Tech Capabilities

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Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Digitize and analyze existing contracts including contract drafting (e.g., leveraging templates, clause libraries, AI), negotiating, redlining, approvals and e-signing for all key stakeholders.

Identify and manage risks in your organization’s contracts with proactive notifications and calls-to-action related to current contracts.

Gain granular analytics reports and insights based on your organization’s contract library combined with commercial intelligence to optimize decision making (e.g., dynamically when analyzing counterparty agreements).

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