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Contingent Labor Review: Key Procurement Priorities — A New Series from Across the Pond

large enterprise I wanted introduce our North American subscribers to a new two-part series published by my colleague Peter Smith, the head of our U.K./E.U. sister site. Based on interviews with senior procurement executives from a number of major public and private sector organizations, the series, “Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities,” focuses on how the contingent workforce category is changing at large enterprises and how procurement must take stock of and reset its priorities in response.

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ICYMI: The ‘Alternative Version’ of Distributor Finance

distributor There is a major opportunity for cloud-based, e-commerce platforms to leverage seller-centric distributor finance with OEM manufacturers. This ‘alternative version’ of distribution finance is also suitable for many industries, as David Gustin, editor and co-founder of Trade Financing Matters, recently wrote in an article on Spend Matters, OEM Distributor Finance: The Next Frontier. Yet it’s an opportunity too few are taking advantage of.

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OEM Distributor Finance: The Next Frontier

- May 20, 2016 8:01 AM | Categories: Cost Management, Finance, Research Download, Trade Financing

distributor Trade Financing Matters sees great potential for cloud-based e-commerce platforms to leverage a seller-centric version of distributor finance in OEM dealer/vendor/distributor structures. In this arrangement, the OEM functions as the “middle party” working with its dealer/vendor/distributor network and its network of end buyers (or accounts) to manage invoicing, matching, price validation, dispute management, credit and collections, payments to its dealers and collecting receivables from national account customers.

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Musings on the Benefits of Agile Procurement and Technology

I’ve been giving a lot of though of late to the notion that procurement agility will nearly always mean different things to different organizations. But generally speaking, I’d argue that agile procurement functions bring five common capabilities or markers that are difficult to debate. If you’re interested in learning more about the topic of procurement maturity and how it relates to creating greater agility in procurement (and the business overall), do check out Reframing Maturity Models: Empirical Perspectives
 on Radically Improving Procurement Performance.

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Brand New Research: An Innovative Approach to Spend Analytics from Tungsten

- October 16, 2015 10:00 AM | Categories: Research Download, Spend Analysis

spend analytics Hot-off-the-press research is now available from Spend Matters UK/Europe. Tungsten Analytics – Insight From a New Approach to Spend Analytics, by Peter Smith, managing editor of our sister site in the UK, takes organizations to task for their archaic and outdated spend analytics practices, many of which date back as far as 25 years. Download this paper today to learn how new developments in spend analysis are challenging traditional, longstanding beliefs!

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Sourcing Complexity: Factoring Into Account Stakeholders and Requirements

- October 16, 2015 6:15 AM | Categories: Complex Categories, Research Download, Sourcing

cloud solutions Perhaps the most obvious internal driver of complexity comes from the range of product or service users, budget holders or other internal stakeholders who have an interest in the category, item or project being considered. Experienced category managers know that managing a single stakeholder can be challenging but inherently a whole lot easier than trying to get multiple stakeholders aligned with a particular category strategy or market approach.

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Summarizing Factors That Drive Sourcing Complexity

category management Sourcing complexity can serve as a barrier to pursuing potential high-reward and high-risk procurement initiatives. But complexity does not have to stand in the way of savings, total cost or other improvements. Identifying how to pinpoint complexity is essential. An important place to start here involves fully exploring factors that drive sourcing complexity. In the paper more ▸


Which Factors Do Not Define a Complex Sourcing Process?

- October 8, 2015 6:38 AM | Categories: Complex Categories, Research Download, Sourcing

complex sourcing Before diving into what defines a complex sourcing process or initiative, it is instructive to consider what does not. That helps illustrate the issues and clears up some of the confusion that is often seen around sourcing exercises. While there are several critical factors that may make a sourcing process seem complex, few of them are enough to drive true sourcing complexity as Peter Smith defines it in his paper, What defines complex sourcing – and why does it matter?

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The Importance of Respecting Complexity in Procurement

- September 28, 2015 6:11 AM | Categories: Complex Categories, Procurement, Research Download, Sourcing

supplier network In the white paper, What defines complex sourcing – and why does it matter?, my colleague Peter Smith makes a number of convincing arguments about why procurement professionals and consultants should take a hard look at complexity as an overall driver of sourcing and supply management strategy, opportunity and engagement. But to ultimately embrace complexity, we must first understand it.

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Defining Complex Sourcing – and Why It Matters

- September 23, 2015 6:42 AM | Categories: Complex Categories, Procurement Research, Research Download, Sourcing

complex sourcing Earlier this year, my colleague Peter Smith, who serves as managing director of Spend Matters UK/Europe, wrote an outstanding paper we somehow overlooked on this side of the Atlantic. The topic of his analysis: What Defines Complex Sourcing – and Why Does It Matter? Let's dive into the salient ideas.

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Last Chance to Register! Webinar to Present Category Management E-Book

- September 21, 2015 10:00 AM | Categories: Category Management, Research Download

complex sourcing One of our most popular research downloads of all time is now a webinar! This is your last chance to register for Tuesday's 10 a.m. CDT presentation, Supercharging Category Management: Pierre Mitchell Comments Live on Recent E-Book. This brief 30-minute webinar will feature Pierre, who will walk you through what he considers the main takeaway of the e-book while also fielding questions from you, the audience. The category management revolution is happening, people! Get on board!

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Businesses Can Engage Freelance and Independent Workers and Mitigate Compliance Risk–Here’s How

work intermediation platform Contingent workforce procurement practitioners have long discouraged the use of independent workers and freelancers as a way to avoid independent contractor risk due to IRS oversight and enforcement. At the same time, there is a significant trend of professional, skilled workers opting to work as independents, working for multiple companies and taking control over their work and career paths. Enterprises are facing severe skill/talent shortages and need to access skilled talent this is opting to work independently. This may seem like a irresolvable contradiction – but it's not. By using non-staffing compliance intermediaries that ensure a compliant relationship between an enterprise and independent workers, procurement can have its cake and eat it too.

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