Carbon Management

Solutions and services supporting the estimation, continuous measurement and reduction of an organization’s GHG emissions (Scope 3 with a focus on purchased goods and services) by enabling calculation of CO2 footprint, identification of reduction opportunities and management of decarbonization plans with suppliers.

Why invest in Carbon Management Technology?

With the majority of GHG emissions being produced in a company’s supply chain, where procurement owns supplier relationships and key spend categories, investment in (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) carbon management technology helps companies determine where and how emissions are produced in value chains, (positively) influenceable drivers for production/absorption and measuring (financial) improvement results regarding carbon impact.

Why selecting the right Carbon Management Technology can be difficult

Evolving regulations

Understanding buy-side requirements and corresponding capabilities to ensure compliance in a nascent and evolving regulatory landscape with a lack of international and standardized accounting approaches.

Changing market

Surmising what each vendor actually covers (footprint, target setting, decarbonization, etc.) in a dynamic, new and unstable market with heterogeneous and evolving offerings, diverse underlying vendor strategies and new market entrants (which creates opportunities AND risks).

The right analytics

Considering the lack of good analytics to identify the areas of opportunity to improve and create more value for the business, with each solution offering a different analytical focus.

Top 4 Carbon Management Tech Capabilities

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Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Estimate emission footprints related to the purchase of goods and services (e.g., Scope 3 emissions).

Prioritize areas for decarbonization, levers and actions throughout your supply chain.

Set emission reduction targets, collaborate with suppliers to reach them and report on progress to diverse stakeholder groups.

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