Expense Management

Solutions that help simplify and automate expense report creation & reimbursement (including travel), card programs & reconciliation, streamlining approvals & validations.

Why invest in Expense Management technology?

Automating the tracking and control of inefficient, low-value spending by employees, such as travel/event-related expenses (and potential reimbursements). Expense management tools help audit expenses to prevent fraud and errors that can result from previously manual expense processing. Travel-related expense management has become increasingly essential for the (virtual) workforce and for firms looking to reduce costs/fraud and simplify employee workflows.

Why selecting the right Expense Management Technology can be difficult

Approval layers

Ensuring that solutions actually support the many layers of validations and approvals for expenses, including compliance, legal, company travel policies and sustainability.

Reconciliation methods

Assessing which solutions best meet varying reimbursement and reconciliation methods for different types of employees (including contingent workers such as contractors).

Right fit

Determining the right level of implementation, integration and investment of available solutions against the needs and size of your company.

Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Effectively capture, digitize, code, categorize and submit expense receipts or invoices for processing.

Ensure expenses are policy-compliant with business-rules-based facilitated expense validation and approvals.

Provide business-user-friendly methods of expense report reimbursement and reconciliation, including card programs.

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