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2019’s top 10 PRO briefs from Spend Matters’ analysts: Insights across all procurement technology

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Spend Matters’ PRO subscription content reflects the insights of our analysts: Jason Busch, Pierre Mitchell, Magnus Bergfors, Nick Heinzmann, Andrew Karpie, Michael Lamoureux and Xavier Olivera. Their analysis results in Vendor Snapshots, product reviews, deep dives into SolutionMap data and more. Here is a countdown of the top 10 most-viewed PRO briefs from 2019:

Where’s Jaggaer?

"Deep Procurement Throat" forwarded us a Coupa marketing email that we found humorous. It’s for a download of a recent IDC report on the sector. We won’t opine on the veracity of the report, as we don’t know anything about IDC’s methodology. But what we will call your attention to is that Jaggaer is listed in the report in multiple areas: Jaggaer, Jaggaer Advantage (BravoSolution) and Jaggaer Direct (Pool4Tool). That’s in the report. The landing page for the download tells another story — at least on part of the page!

G2 Crowd’s Chicago Party: A $30 Million Funding and the ‘No Magic’ Man

I stopped by a party Wednesday that is all too uncommon in Chicago: a tech firm celebration. Specifically, I received an invitation from fellow Enterprise Irregular Michael Fauscette to attend a party celebrating G2 Crowd’s recently announced $30 million funding round, and I decided to take him up on it. G2 Crowd is Azul Partner’s (our parent company) downtown Chicago neighbor and one of the few research/analyst/tech shops in the Midwest. But unlike other tech analyst firms, G2 is taking an approach to tech research centered entirely on crowdsourcing reviews from users — and then analyzing, packaging and publishing the data in various formats.

3 Reasons Why E-Sourcing Providers Have Failed Procurement


Many procurement practitioners know the basic components and capabilities of an e-sourcing solution. Yet getting users to fully adopt e-sourcing still remains a perennial challenge in procurement organizations large and small. Many organizations are using their e-sourcing platform on only 25% of applicable events, according to one CIPS study. How can this be, when the technology and purported benefits are anything but new? For several reasons, the provider community at large has failed procurement when it comes to designing sourcing solutions. Here are three reasons why they’ve gone astray — and how to fix it.

Welcoming Thomas Finn to a New Spend Matters Role as Sourcing & Supplier Management Research Director

It wouldn’t be quite accurate to welcome Tom Finn to Spend Matters, given that he has been principal editor of our sister site Healthcare Matters since 2011. But we are excited to announce that Tom is moving into a new analyst role at Azul Partners, the parent company of Spend Matters. He will cover sourcing, contracting and supplier management across industries, including healthcare. And yes, Tom will remain at the helm of Healthcare Matters.

Technology Analysts and NDAs

Yesterday Coupa published a press release announcing that Thomas Kase, a former Spend Matters analyst, joined the cloud spend management vendor. I had the great pleasure of working with Thomas for many years and wish him the very best of luck in his new endeavor. In light of the news, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the confidentiality clauses that a technology analyst must adhere to, a requirement here at Spend Matters and Azul Partners as well as at other firms.

Ivalua Raises $70 Million from KKR: First Take Analysis

Ivalua, a procurement technology suite vendor, announced Wednesday it had raised $70 million in a minority investment round from private equity firm KKR. Originally a France-based firm, Ivalua moved its headquarters to the U.S. in recent years and has continued to expand globally. While terms of the investment — nor Ivalua’s revenue — were not disclosed, Spend Matters estimates the transaction values the firm at less than the price/revenue multiple of Coupa and more than what Accel-KKR paid for Jaggaer (when it took SciQuest private).

Scarfing Down Your Own E-Procurement Dog Food: Going Live Globally With SAP Ariba in 3 Months — An Interview with Dr. Marcell Vollmer (Part 2)

dog food

After taking over as CPO within SAP, Marcell quickly moved to address the e-procurement issue, owing to his previous laptop shopping experience. In 2011, he started an upgrade process to leverage SAP SRM 7. This upgrade initiative would ultimately become sidetracked (although 7.02 workflows into SAP ERP on HANA for vendor invoice management would be deployed) with the acquisition of Ariba. At the same time of this initial technology initiative, Marcell would also begin to put in place a combination of global category frameworks (and support) with local buying centers designed to optimize strategic program elements (e.g., sourcing/negotiation) and minimize transactional costs.

Hype and Reality in Procurement: Pierre Mitchell’s “Improvisational” Talk With Phil Ideson


There’s a lot more noise out there in today’s hyperconnected world, and the signal seems to be harder and harder to find. Separating the bluster from the information that really matters is a key skill for those working in knowledge-based professions, whether that means finding the supplier that really fits your company’s needs or picking a software solution that can add to procurement’s value proposition. Just how to do this is what Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell explained in a newly released episode of the Art of Procurement podcast.

CEO Departures at SciQuest, Basware: Some Personal Musings


There’s leadership change in the air at two of the larger procure-to-pay (P2P) technology providers. Earlier today, SciQuest announced that Robert Bonavito had replaced Stephen Wiehe as CEO, coming on the heels of of Accel-KKR’s $509 million buyout of the provider earlier this summer. And on Monday, Basware announced that Esa Tihilä, who had been CEO for the past five years, “during which time the Basware share price has more than doubled,” had stepped down and Vesa Tykkyläinen, who previously served as senior vice president of Basware’s Network Business, and before that was an executive at Nokia, had taken the helm.

An Analyst’s Report From KellyOCG Analyst Day


KellyOCG recently hosted around 10 industry analysts to hold briefings and discussions with key KellyOCG executives. This was the second such event in the U.S. and appears to represent a deliberate communications strategy to focus and educate analysts on this distinct business unit within Kelly Services Inc. Indeed, KellyOCG’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Teresa Carroll did mention how financial analysts accustomed to analyzing traditional staffing businesses were grappling with how to evaluate KellyOCG, a services and solution provider business — which, from our perspective, is a key part of the emerging contingent workforce and services supplier landscape.