Source-to-Contract (S2C)

Solution suites for automating upstream (non-transactional) procurement processes, including spend/supply analytics, sourcing (sourcing strategy and e-sourcing execution), buy-side contract management and supplier management.

Why invest in Source-to-Contract technology?

S2C suites automate non-transactional procurement processes that create the majority of procurement value: spend/supply analytics, sourcing, contracting and ongoing supplier management. They are layered on top of ERP/P2P systems so that a singular strategic technology platform helps maximize commercial value before deploying the execution to P2P execution systems.

Selecting the right S2C Technology can be difficult

Suite or BoB?

Clarifying the complex/numerous trade-offs between solution approaches such as S2C mini suites, large S2P suites, niche solutions and platform-based (e.g., low-code) approaches — leading to cross-functional friction, dissatisfaction and delay/cost.

Blueprint first

Moving beyond episodically ‘throwing apps at the problem’ and struggling to guide a digital procurement strategy that validates best-in-class architectures in support of evolving operating models (including organization/tech constraints) BEFORE pursuing tech vendor selections.

Pay-to-Play or Niche

Gaining objective counsel from consultants that have biased vendor-specific S2C/S2P implementations practices or have poor intelligence on the broader market (unless they license TechMatch intelligence  from Spend Matters).

Top 4 Source-to-Contract Tech Modules

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top capabilities chart for source-to-contract

Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Establish the core digital infrastructure for strategic procurement beyond process silos of sourcing, contracting and supplier management, but also stakeholder/demand, performance/value and project/program management, opportunity/risk analytics, market intelligence integration and other areas.

Support robust category management that spans, segments and optimizes all ‘upstream’ processes (beyond category strategy formulation and sourcing event design), ‘guided’ category management, community intelligence, etc.

Flexibly deploy suites modularly and support complex multi-organization, multi-system environments demanded by modern federated procurement operating models.

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