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Planning for a Successful VMS Implementation

Spend Matters welcomes this sponsored article from Justine Hauth, implementation manager at SAP Fieldglass.

Your company has chosen a Vendor Management System (VMS) and you’re anxious to get started on implementation… but stop! An implementation project’s success begins with a well-organized and thought-out plan prior to kick off. Most of us have experienced the impact that poor planning can have: increased timelines, budgets, missed expectations and other frustrations that leave you scratching your head and asking “what went wrong?” and ”how did we get here?” So it’s essential that you consider the following while planning for a successful VMS implementation.

Following Up on SAP Fieldglass Flex: The New VMS for Mid-Sized Organizations

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In December, Spend Matters covered SAP Fieldglass’ launch of its new product, SAP Fieldglass Flex. The new offering is effectively a VMS designed specifically for mid-sized organizations. Existing enterprise VMS solutions have tended to be too complex and costly for mid-sized businesses. And although some enterprise VMS solutions may have achieved some limited penetration in the mid-market, we believe none has been (1) designed from the ground-up specifically for this purpose, (2) benefited from best practices knowledge of a leading enterprise VMS and (3) had the support of one of the largest global software players. Given the above, we thought it was important to go a bit deeper into understanding Flex and were able to have a conversation with Rob Brimm, President of SAP Fieldglass, to gather more details about the product.

Technology Solutions for Self-Sourcing Independent Talent: Webinar Today


Today at 1 p.m. CST, join our resident contingent workforce management expert, Andrew Karpie, research director, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, for Self-Sourcing Talent Goes Mainstream: How Technology Gives Procurement and Operations an Advantage. What are the current developments in talent self-sourcing? What technology solutions are at your disposal? What does the future hold? Andrew will answer these plus any questions from you, the audience.

How Will CPOTUS Trump Deal with the Gig Economy?

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President-elect Trump has wasted no time intrepidly wading into numerous policy areas. One notable area of action has been federal spending, where his frequent pledges to cut costs from federal programs has made him seem more like the chief procurement officer of the United States (CPOTUS). Beyond federal spending, however, we as analysts of the contingent workforce and services procurement space have a far more specific question we’d like to address: How will Trump deal with the gig economy?

Disruptive Technology Solutions on Contingent Workforce, Services Procurement: NEW Research


The 2017 Spend Matters Editorial Calendar is now live, and with its first piece of published content comes The Impact of Disruptive Technologies and Solutions on Contingent Workforce and Services Procurement. Read more and claim your copy here.

3 Ways Contingent Workforce and Services Procurement Professionals Can Stay Ahead in 2017

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New Year’s resolutions are a fun, time-honored practice that are often made with the best of intentions – yet, quite often, they melt away like the the gray-brown remnants of snow by the time February and March roll around. However, we’ve resolved to help contingent workforce and services procurement professionals stay on top of their game as we head into 2017. Last week, Spend Matters’ Research Director of Services and Labor Procurement, Andrew Karpie, gave his look ahead on platform-intermediated work trends in the coming year, including possible scenarios stemming from how digital platform intermediation for work and services will increasingly become “a mainstream sourcing mechanism in the enterprise.” So how exactly can procurement practitioners in this space stay ahead?

Self-Sourcing the Independent Workforce, Freelancers: Webinar Next Week


Procurement has a real opportunity to embrace self-sourcing talent and engage highly-skilled talent quickly and efficiently to meet business goals. Simply put, procurement, operations and IT can work together to achieve these goals, and we'll show you how. Join Andrew Karpie (research director, services and labor procurement at Azul Partners, Spend Matters) next Tuesday, January 10 at 1 p.m. Central for Self-Sourcing Talent Goes Mainstream: How Technology Gives Procurement and Operations an Advantage.

Andrew is our resident contingent workforce management expert and will discuss current developments in talent self-sourcing, as well as technology solutions at your disposal.

WIPs, Crowds and a Renaissance: Our Top Contingent Workforce and Services Posts of 2016

Looking back on the last year, one theme is abundantly clear: The talent and staffing supply chain is becoming increasingly digital. Whether freelancers, traditional staffing agencies or elite professional services firms, leaders in the contingent workforce ecosystem dove headfirst into the online world.

That leaves procurement with an ultimatum: Adapt to the digital evolution or get left behind.

But the rise of digital is nothing to fear. Our resident expert Andrew Karpie, who heads up services and labor procurement research here at Spend Matters, has been on top of this trend all year. Take a moment to reflect on some of his top posts from 2016.

A New Year for Contingent Workforce Procurement Practitioners and Platform-Intermediated Work

Will 2017 be the year when digital-platform-intermediated work is ushered into the enterprise by procurement? That is the question.

It has been nearly five years since I began my labor of love, i.e., research and analysis of technology-based platforms that intermediate work. These digital platforms allow business users to work with specific employees or purchase and consume services of a platform-based or more traditional service provider.

Up to this time, these platforms (of which there are now hundreds worldwide) have been off the radar of procurement practitioners, considered novelties or, at the most, piloted. In the meantime, increasing numbers of internal business users have been accessing these platforms without procurement visibility and control.

Opportunities for Organized Procurement in Bollywood

An average Bollywood movie has a crew of 200 to 250 people working on it at any given time. Some of them will be involved on the creative side and others on the non-creative side. The creative costs (approximately 40%, and also known as the above-the-line costs) will be the potential non-addressable spend, which includes the script and salaries for the cast, director and technicians. Organized procurement can help bring down the non-creative spend (roughly 60%, or below-the-line costs). In this guest post, GEP's Nitin Khandelwal aims to identify the reasons for high “below-the-line” costs and propose some recommendations for bringing them down.

Self-Sourcing the Independent Workforce: Webinar Fast Approaching

Procurement and self-sourcing are now merging closer together, along with operations and IT, to meet a unified goal to engage highly skilled talent in an efficient manner. What can your organization do to prepare? Join our resident continent workforce management expert, Andrew Karpie, as he discusses current developments in freelancer self-sourcing and technology solutions on Tuesday, January 10 at 1 p.m. Central. Our upcoming webinar sponsored by the VMS firm Beeline, Self-Sourcing Talent Goes Mainstream: How Technology Gives Procurement and Operations an Advantage, will explain all.

Engage Highly-Skilled Talent Quickly and Efficiently: Webinar Jan. 10

No longer lurking in the shadows, self-sourcing tactics are now front-and-center for procurement, operations and IT to work together toward a singular objective to engage highly-skilled talent quickly and effectively to meet any number of agreed upon business goals. Join Andrew Karpie (research director, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters) and Beeline on Tuesday, January 10 at 1 p.m. Central for Self-Sourcing Talent Goes Mainstream: How Technology Gives Procurement and Operations an Advantage. Sign up today to learn about current developments in talent self-sourcing and the technology solutions at your disposal.