Spend Analytics

Solutions that provide a single view into all historic, current and planned supplier spending in order to improve that spending through better sourcing, compliance and demand management.

Why invest in Spend Analytics Technology?

Spend analytics helps generate business-relevant insights across internal spend and the supply base by leveraging historic and predictive datasets across the enterprise to proactively help reduce costs (input costs and unnecessary consumption), mitigate risk/non-compliance (internal and supplier) and design better processes and policies/practices.

Why selecting the right Spend Analytics Technology can be difficult

Crowded solution field

Identifying flexible and customizable, yet robust, data modeling capabilities to understand different facets of procurement performance with the ability to set and monitor KPIs specific to your business.

Ease of use

Selecting a tool that can aggregate data from your various active or legacy systems, then transform and load that data in a uniform and easy-to-understand manner.

Understandable output

Ensuring generated reports are both filled with new, comprehensive and useful insights and displayed in a user-friendly manner.

Top 5 Spend Analytics Tech Capabilities

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Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Aggregate spend data from many systems/time periods and report on trends/changes.

Customize all aspects (KPIs, reporting, data modeling, data classification, etc.) to your business needs.

Run predictive analytics (based on AI/ML) to help you plan for the future, including risk-mitigation capabilities, based on your spend data.

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