Supplier Risk and Compliance Management

A focused view of supplier management solutions that emphasize risk modeling and tracking (including semantic risk analysis), compliance tracking and emerging risk areas (e.g., environmental risks) that organizations track with their suppliers.

Why invest in Risk Management Technology?

Despite there being no single ‘supply risk management’ solution market (i.e., combining supplier risk, supplier compliance and supply chain risk management), companies need risk/compliance management capabilities within the source-to-pay (S2P) and third-party risk management (TPRM) processes to protect supply performance, not just at a supplier level but at a higher category and supply chain level to support ESG, GRC and other enterprise-level risk/compliance processes.

Why selecting the right Risk Management Technology can be difficult

Getting exact needs met

Understanding the heterogeneous and evolving vendor offerings across a huge spectrum of capabilities (e.g., compliance-centric risk/ESG vs. n-tier supply risk modeling/monitoring) and strategies (e.g., native capabilities, mixed with selected third-party data sources; aggregators of third-party sources, etc.) to ensure your needs are met.

Similar but different

Looking beyond core buy-side supply risk requirements and integrating with other buy-side AND enterprise risk/compliance capabilities and solutions.

Rapidly changing vendor landscape

Determining best-fit solutions in a dynamic, evolving and unstable market where existing providers continue to add capabilities and new vendors constantly enter the market: do you go with the established or the new — and why?

Top 5 Risk Management Tech Capabilities

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Spend Matters intelligence helps you identify which solutions enable you to:

Assess risk exposure across a large number of dimensions (operational, reputational, geopolitical, environmental, etc.) deep into the supply chain.

Manage risk-mitigation actions via system-generated recommendations, templates/playbooks, etc. with a control tower for ‘real-time’ sensing of new risk signals and actual incidents.

Resolve incidents in collaboration with suppliers.

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