Code of Ethics

Spend Matters started out as a blog offering unbiased reporting, an honest opinion and insightful commentary on developments in the greater procurement community. As the organization grew, its founders created separate editorial, analyst, advisory and commercial teams to safeguard the independence and objectivity of its content.

Spend Matters has a reputation for publishing the most in-depth, independent and objective reviews of technology providers in the procurement and supply chain management realm. Subscribers to Spend Matters PRO wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It took Spend Matters years of ranting and outspoken perspective to convince many readers of our relative objectivity in the market (or at least the objectivity that comes from knowing that dollars don't mean a thing regarding how we cover or don't cover specific providers),” writes Spend Matters’ Founder Jason Busch on the subject. “I used to have to defend myself from anonymous comments on what felt like a monthly basis, suggesting we were paid to somehow support a provider or perspective. But finally, the comments slowed...readers have accepted that our model, while far from perfect, is at least legitimately unbiased.”

Please take note that:

  • Spend Matters is the only analyst firm that not only encourages, but requires full-length demonstrations of solutions (for technology)
  • Vendors can freely request a review with Spend Matters analysts and enter the SolutionMap ranking process
  • If provider RFI inputs differ from capabilities displayed during the demonstration and other primary inputs (e.g., qualitative answers to RFI questions), Spend Matters reserves the right to adjust scores in comparison to our scoring scale; to date, the majority of scores for all fields have been adjusted by our analysts following submissions by vendors
  • Providers cannot ever purchase favorable or unfavorable opinions, scores or rankings
  • Vendors can purchase advertising, co-branded content and advisory services through the commercial team
  • Revenue streams are diversified and Spend Matters is not beholden to any one income stream, customer or set of customers to safeguard independence
  • The analysts’ reputations are built on producing independent, unbiased research and analysis
  • It’s in the best interest of Spend Matters to objectively report on procurement solutions of all colors to safeguard our credibility within the industry
  • SolutionMap RFI components and methodology are transparent and set before issuing an RFI; persona weightings are voted on (and averaged) by multiple members of the analyst team based on buying activity in the market
  • Practitioner advisory clients can fully “unpack” the underlying atomic weightings and create their own criteria and scoring for individual or suite-based solutions
  • Competitive benchmarking advisory that compares providers, products and/or capabilities are only carried out on behalf of practitioners, consultants/advisors advising practitioner organizations and in M&A due diligence work
  • Advisory work comparing providers, products and capabilities is confidential and only for a customer’s internal use and never for use in competitive strategy efforts
  • Spend Matters employees and contractors cannot engage in third-party activities in conflict with company interests
  • Summary analyst and customer scoring and ranking insights are available to SolutionMap Insider subscribers

In summary: Integrity is the lifeblood of Spend Matters’ research and our company

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