Chief Purchasing Officer: Procurement Technology

“Procurement as a Service” Needs a Platform Strategy

Don’t want vendor lock-in? Better think hard about “platforms” and your procurement information architecture.

How Does a CPO Track Savings? A SM UK Case Study

Through my career, I have found one almost foolproof way of embarrassing CPOs: Ask him or her how they measure savings in their organization. When […]

The Procurement Market: It’s More Than Technology, and it’s Getting Mashed Up

As services spend under management increases, it leads to more services procurement, and procurement organizations will be looking at services spend beyond the traditional category taxonomy view of world in order to squeeze more value out of it.

Buying From an ERP Vendor Doesn’t Necessarily Buy You an Integrated Procurement Application Suite

Don’t fall for the myth of integrated ERP procurement.

Do We Need to Debate Procurement Centralization?

The centralization vs. decentralization argument in procurement is more of a myth than anything else – at least for companies that are further along the bell curve.

The SAP and Ariba Cloud Shake Up – What CPOs need to Know

SAP is shaking up its cloud business. Or perhaps the cloud is shaking up SAP.

Procurement Cloud Apps are Great – Procurement Cloud Platforms are the Future

Even though we’re a bit less qualified to write about apps and platforms compared to some truly geeky technologists we know, it’s important for general Spend […]

Procurement Organizations: Know and Assert Your Rights When Buying From the Cloud

Right No. 1: Buy an enterprise-class application that can link to multiple suppliers and supplier networks.

Is the Purchase Order (PO) a Crutch?

Even though I don’t know Tom Linton personally, all of my intelligence sources in the procurement world say that he is one of the best […]

Asking the Hard Questions About SAP’s “Business Network” Strategy

This year’s Sapphire conference has been extremely interesting, not to mention big, with 80,000 users attending on-premise or virtually! It’s been a while since I […]

Don’t Punish Non-Compliant Spenders, Guide Them to Preferred Supply Channels

The Amazon experience for e-procurement is only a small part of procurement’s “moment of truth.”

Can You Get Away With Having Your Team Use Inexpensive Sourcing Tools?

Lower-end tools tend to cover the sourcing basics at highly attractive price points (or not, in the case of the ERPs). What are the positive of using these lower-end sourcing tools?