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Why Mastering Complexity in the Value Chain Matters to Procurement (Part 2)

Knowledge of complexity theory and chaos theory is essential for procurement.

Mastering Complexity in the Value Chain

Technology will become essential in managing complexity in global supply chains.

Rethinking ‘Assets’: Why Procurement Must Help Improve RONA (Part 2)

We have to view the definition of “assets” both more broadly and more deeply.

Why Procurement Must Help Fundamentally Rethink and Improve RONA (Part 1)

Improving RONA is a more balanced scorecard than just cost reduction.

Digital Business Strategy: The CPO’s ‘Outside-In’ Agenda (Part 3)

Digital transformation is increasingly creeping into a CPO’s crosshairs.

CSR, Environmental Stewardship, and Sustainability: The CPO’s Outside-In Agenda (Part 2)

Sustainability must be addressed in balance with traditional procurement objectives.

How Outside-In Issues are Shaping the Course of Procurement

Where procurement managers need to focus to stay alive in the 21st century.

Why Do CPOs Get Fired?

The three key reasons why CPOs and other senior procurement folks lose their jobs.

Why Procurement is Like … Probiotics?

Your company is like a human body, and your suppliers are microbes. Most are beneficial. Some are not.

The Power of Procurement Mythology

What is the story of procurement that you want told?

Better Intel Through Better Info: Why CPOs Should Focus on Information, Not Technology (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we highlighted the understated importance of information in a world where everyone focuses on process. If you’re going to […]

Why CPOs Should Focus on Information, Not Technology (Part 1)

Procurement is fundamentally in the intelligence business.