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Why Do CPOs Get Fired?

The three key reasons why CPOs and other senior procurement folks lose their jobs.

The Chief Procurement Officer Job Description: An Overview

What does it take to be a CPO? And what are prospective employers looking for when searching for a CPO?

Welcome to Spend Matters’ New CPO Website!

The Spend Matters family is excited to be launching its new website dedicated solely to chief procurement officers. We at Spend Matters have increasingly heard feedback from procurement executives about the desire to have more personalized content geared specifically for their profession and current market needs, especially content focused on executive interests and requirements.

What Is Top of Mind For CPOs?

The top issue on every CPO’s mind, be it right or wrong, is cost cutting. Despite all of the media attention on sustainability, value generation, outsourcing or new market penetration, most procurement departments and CPOs are still measured on cost reduction first and everything else second. Thus, the first issue a CPO needs to address in every report and every project is cost control.