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Emerson, LCCS, and Spend Management

A friend recently sent me an excerpt from the book, Performance Without Compromise, which tells the story of how Emerson Electric rebounded from tough losses […]

Spend Management Family Values

With apologies to John Bruggeman, whose new blog highlights Silicon Valley narcissism and conspicuous consumption at its best (heck, why not), I'm attempting to raise […]

Procurement Outsourcing Coverage Heats Up

Might 2006 be the year that procurement outsourcing crosses the chasm? According to a recent study by the Everest Research Institute, the outsourcing of indirect […]

A Supply Chain Genius Chimes In …

I enjoyed reading Corey Billington's just released whitepaper, The New CPO: Shifting the Opportunity Continuum to Create Real Business value. For those who don't know […]

A New Rumor: Open Ratings and D&B

The rumor this morning China-time is that D&B has picked up Open Ratings. While there's not a press release out yet, I've gotten a few […]