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Surveys are Silly: Procurement Myth No. 4

We continue our series on the top 25 procurement myths. Some you may know, others maybe not. You also may agree with us on certain ones and not others. But, the important thing is that we have this discussion. We will post 1 a day here on Chief Procurement Officer, so make sure to check back on the site to catch them all.

4. Internal customer satisfaction surveys are a waste of time

Nearly every procurement organization wants to improve its spend influence with stakeholders, but many also don't have a process (and resulting data) to understand from those stakeholders how well the procurement process is working for them. Getting the voice of the stakeholder is an extremely valuable process, as it often highlights relatively simple things that procurement can do to improve (e.g., merely doing a better job communicating). It’s also a great way to know what is working and to provide a soft metric to gauge alignment, but still a very important one. There are many best practices in doing surveys and other forms of engagement (e.g., annual planning meetings), but these are also a great way to identify improvements in your procurement systems. You’ll definitely hear unfiltered feedback on what can be improved, and there is nothing more satisfying than being able to “turn around” a procurement skeptic to a procurement advocate. And just by virtue of you asking them how you can improve the process is a great first step to elevating your role from a deal maker (that drives savings for your to make your numbers) to a trusted business partner that helps stakeholders gain more value from all their spend in order to make their numbers.

For more on this, see here.

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