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Welcome to Spend Matters’ New CPO Website!

The Spend Matters family is excited to be launching its new website dedicated solely to chief procurement officers. We at Spend Matters have increasingly heard feedback from procurement executives about the desire to have more personalized content geared specifically for their profession and current market needs, especially content focused on executive interests and requirements.

This website will do just that – provide a new type of content for CPOs and their team members. We hope to make it as invaluable as a weekly or monthly dashboard covering internal spend and supplier metrics!

Our Goals for Chief Procurement Officer

  • Providing more CPO-level content on leadership, transformation, talent management, case studies, interviews, focused research, original insights and “next practices” that go beyond the usual CPO conference war stories and journalist-style “reporting” that lacks executive empathy
  • Making that first step toward better role-based personalization of our content until we can implement our next generation of a content platform
  • Offer original research and content from Spend Matters experts across the full Azul Partners family of sites
  • Bring you the latest and most relevant news, analysis, insight and information from around the web. The website’s content aggregation system will pull this content from other sources, making Spend Matters CPO the one-stop source for procurement professionals
  • Divide our original CPO-focused content into 3 primary sections focused on research & insights, opinion and technology, which will be easily distinguished on the homepage
  • Provide truly objective research, advice and analysis of procurement providers of all forms on the first executive-level website of its kind. We will always “call it like we see it” in our analysis of providers, regardless of whether they are clients of ours. Now more than ever, CPOs and other senior leaders need a point of view to inform how best to engage ERP providers, SaaS/cloud vendors, consultants, managed services providers and BPO firms. There will be no shortage of expert opinion on Spend Matters Chief Procurement Officer!

We hope you can leverage our new website, and see it as an important tool for your procurement organization.

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