Data Sources

The Spend Matters team uses several sources of information to create the RFI criteria, ranking weights, organizational buying personas and publications in relation to SolutionMap. These include:

  1. Analyst team interactions with providers and end-user customers over time
  2. Relevant Spend Matters’ created reports, in-depth provider reviews and research sources
  3. Providers’ RFI inputs and support materials
  4. 90-Minute solution demonstration (which needs to be renewed every 12 months or when a new product release occurs)
  5. Customer survey responses based on references supplied by providers as well as initiated by Spend Matters
    1. Clarification calls conducted by analyst team as needed
    2. Quantities of customer inputs are reflected on the SolutionMap ranking graphics through the color of the provider ‘bubble’ (see ‘How to read the ranking chart’)
  6. Analysts conduct phone review with each ranked provider to discuss their scoring versus the analyst scoring to allow for debate and clarification