Spend Matters Diligence

We’ve run diligence for hundreds of companies in the procurement, finance and supply chain universe over the past 25 years. In this complicated and rapidly-changing technology and investment environment, our clients benefit from removing doubt and uncertainty from decision making. 


As experts in niche domains, we do not deviate from what we know, and use a data-driven approach that enables a fractal understanding of the overall market, acquisition target and competition. But we’ve always been puzzled by diligence emphasis being only on financials and forecasts — not product or market fit. 

It’s taken us decades of honing our diligence approach to put what really matters first in every engagement: truly useful data and expert insight.

How we help PE and corp dev teams

Spend Matters Insights

Granular benchmark data at the module, functional and platform/stack levels triangulated with customer ratings and commentary. Gain a 20,000 foot view or go down the rabbit hole. Your choice. Off-the-shelf data and insights only for the markets we are expert in. Self-service you can turn on instantly.

Product and Market Diligence

Bespoke product, commercial and market diligence with an emphasis on granular cuts of Spend Matters data to drive analysis. Engagements are typically 1-3 weeks and leverage detailed benchmarking and framework to allow apples-to-apples comparisons at the product level and market insights based on both foundational datasets and expertise.

Full Diligence

Full bespoke diligence engagements extend product and market diligence to also include customer satisfaction benchmarking, technology diligence (architecture/stack/code/dev ops) and/or strategic analysis (M&A strategy and recommendations). Full diligence engagements are typically 3-4 weeks in length.

Invest Wisely

Let’s roll up our sleeves to find opportunities that others might miss.