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Alternative Finance: Market Update, Treasury Considerations

Whether it’s reverse factoring, dynamic discounting, receivable auctions, working capital platforms, e-factoring, p-cards or other techniques, the options to retire receivables early for treasurers have never been this plentiful or confusing. In this white paper, Trade Financing Matters Editor and Co-Founder David Gustin delves into how new techniques can help treasurers wrangle an advantage in alternative finance.

Distributor Finance – A New Take on an Untapped Market

Many financial institutions and vendors have begun investing heavily in developing supply chain financing products, mainly buyer-centric models. These models are based upon the simple idea that a buyer’s invoices can be financed for a single buyer and its dealer or vendor network. Most of the hype today is centered on various early pay techniques for a single buyer’s invoices, with these services being referred to as dynamic discounting, supply chain finance, or reverse factoring. But what if the relationship was reversed? Download our paper to learn more.

Understanding How E-Invoicing Fits

For some, an invoice is a piece of paper sent by a supplier to a customer with varying amounts of detail about services performed or items purchased or to be purchased, along with other details including mailing and remittance information, the maturity date of the invoice and the conditions, such as penalties, if the maturity date is not met. But in practice, an invoice is much, much more...

Supplier Enablement for Invoice Discounting and Supply Chain Finance: Background, Tips, and Secrets for Success

Since the arrival of ERP purchasing, eProcurement, and e-invoicing systems in the 1990s, procurement and accounts payable departments have increasingly realized that supplier enablement is a critical process in achieving the expected returns on original investments. How to actually do this is another story. In this paper, Jason Busch walks you through background in this area before diving into tips and secrets for success.

50 Shades of Pay: Working Capital Optimization Using Spend Analysis and Payment Clocks

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If you haven't been reading Pierre Mitchell's "50 Shades of Pay" content, then you've been missing out. Over the next few months, we'll be pulling bits and pieces of especially important content from the series from behind the paywall and making them available for general download. This paper focuses on setting your "payment clock" - that's right - the 'perfect order' goes well beyond fulfilling the right quantities, on time, with the right invoice information. Read on for more!

Reducing Costs By Optimizing the Financial Supply Chain

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Let’s face it: organizations are under more pressure than ever before to maximize current investments, increase productivity, and reduce costs to stay competitive. Procurement teams need to partner with their finance departments and third-party technology providers to ensure that critical suppliers can attain cash as efficiently and effectively as possible. This report shares results from a survey of over 300 procurement executives that Spend Matters conducted in partnership with ISM for their perspective on the state of the financial supply chain as well as what smart companies are doing to stay competitive and increase the bottom line.