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Sustainability in Procurement: Prevent the Next Bangladesh Factory Fire From Happening Again

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In our experience advising and doing research in the realm of risk management, many Spend Matters readers instinctively write longer and longer contracts with more and more regulations to follow. But these don’t necessarily prevent tragedies (even though they keep contract managers and attorneys in business). But how realistic is that? You will become cripplingly difficult to work with – and suppliers would pass along increased costs. This paper walks you through the Spend Matters risk management starting point.

Emerging Market Watch: Procurement in Africa

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Thomas Kase chaired a procurement conference in Nairobi, Kenya. This series encompasses what he learned about developing procurement in an emerging market, from small vendors to watch to his surprise at how most procurement conferences cover the same challenges, regardless of where they’re held in the world.

In Your Backyard and Mine: The Global Labor Challenge

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We explore the new era of global sourcing – of talent, specific deliverables, and even business outcomes – along wiht challenges and responsibilities that come along with it. Also looks the importance of cultural norms and localized standards for buying professional services and laborand the worldwide consequences when regional behaviors do not align with global standards and expectations.

Selecting Services Procurement Technology – Options, Approaches, and Philosophy

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The most important element of any decision on services procurement technology is the identification of partners that can support the entire buying lifecycle of “live” commodities, ensuring that any platform under consideration takes into account critical aspects of both cost and non-cost-based sourcing and supplier management elements.