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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Spend Data

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In this briefing paper we take a look at how spend analytics, and smart and creative use of the source data, can help organisations answer some of those tricky, complex, or even embarrassing questions relating to procurement expenditure. We look at questions such as: How do I get to the bottom of tail spend? and How much corruption really goes on my organisation?

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Procurement

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In this 60 minute webinar, KPMG and Spend Matters provide an overview of how AI is already shaping and supporting procurement, and what’s in the works at early stage adopters.

The Future of Procurement Demands Smarter Spend Analytics: Here’s Why

Unfortunately, for most procurement organizations, the intelligent procurement scenario seems like science fiction and disconnected from their world of simply trying to see how much money they spend with suppliers at an actionable level. How do you go from Excel to machine learning? This paper can help you begin to bridge the gap.

Smart Spend Compliance: Using Spend Analytics to Reduce the Cost and Risk of Non-Compliance

This paper won’t dive into the mechanics of spend analytics related to identifying potential savings from strategic sourcing (e.g., reduced pricing via competitive bidding to aggregate spending to preferred suppliers). Instead, we will focus on how firms can expand their spend analytics to identify and fix non-compliance scenarios that cost real money and introduce real business risk.

Understanding How E-Invoicing Fits

For some, an invoice is a piece of paper sent by a supplier to a customer with varying amounts of detail about services performed or items purchased or to be purchased, along with other details including mailing and remittance information, the maturity date of the invoice and the conditions, such as penalties, if the maturity date is not met. But in practice, an invoice is much, much more...

Empoderando al área de compras: Soluciones de technología de información para la función de compras

En Spend Matters buscamos empoderar a las áreas de compras con contenidos de valor, en esta ocasión realizamos un estudio sobre el uso que las empresas mexicanas le dan a las tecnologías de información para habilitar o fortalecer su función de compras, en especifico las relacionadas con: Compras electrónicas, análisis del gasto, contratación de servicios, catálogos electrónicos, contratos, proveedores, abasto estratégico, gastos de viaje y facturación electrónica; esperamos que este estudio sea de valor para ti y nos des tu retroalimentación.

Spend Analytics, Payment Analytics: The Gateway to Gold in Them Thar Hills

Traditional approaches to spend analytics go deep by focusing on cost and price. Yet by going so deep – especially with more advanced queries – procurement might be missing out on a potentially bigger, easier and more consistent prize that is easier to obtain and keeps “paying back” versus simply driving one-time savings opportunities. Might there be potentially better (or at least supplementary) information sets to start with that focus more on the AP and treasury side of the P2P house rather than procurement alone? Read this paper to find out!

Procurement Analytics: How to Plan (and Optimize) Your Process

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Since procurement, the department, is responsible for supply management (or spend management, if you like), the process, the proper scope for “analytics” is to help answer the right set of questions surrounding the optimal management of supply. Therefore, the scope of this business process is massive, and so is the breadth of technology used for supply analytics. But the key thing to remember is the analytics is a business capability - not just about technology. This paper, excerpted from our Spend Matters PRO Procurement Information Architecture series, is here to help guide you through the analytics process.

Metadata Explained: What it Means for Spend Analytics, Supply Risk, Supplier Performance, and More

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In procurement, especially in areas of risk management, the opportunity to develop additional value from metadata analysis is enticing. Sure, it requires a bit of initial programming and possibly some hardware to really massage the data, but after that there’s really no variable cost associated with this. The benefits can be tremendous – done right, this will be the most power risk analysis and opportunity assessment approach supply chain has ever seen. This paper illustrates some practical ideas regarding the benefits.

Ask the Expert: Analytics & Analysis: Theory and Practice

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This Ask the Expert session features Spend Matters Netherlands’ Gert van der Heijden on the nebulous topic of spend analysis. Specifically, he’ll answer questions like: what is the current state of technology in this area? What are companies doing (or want to be doing) right now? How can you close the analysis and analytics gap? What are some examples in predictive analytics? What are the best practices (and the worst mistakes)? And finally.. what will the future hold?