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Webinar Slides: Quantifying Supplier Management Returns

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A look at working capital as one of the benefits of supplier management, and a case study example of how Boston University deployed a dynamic supplier information management system that pushed the responsibility for data quality back to the source-the suppliers. Presented by Jason Busch and Richard Stack.

The Future of Procurement Analytics and Content

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This paper presents three experiential scenarios that we hope will provide companies with distinct visions for what advanced procurement analytics can enable using off-the-shelf capabilities today.

Developing and Maintaining Accurate Supplier Data

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If you need accurate vendor data to deliver value to your organization -- regardless of what data point that is -- then this Spend Matters Perspective is for you -- it introduces ways to turn bad data into quality data -- particularly through the use of technology. In learning from this analysis, readers will walk away with concrete steps about how best to eliminate bad vendor data and how strategically important such steps are to broad corporate initiatives outside traditional vendor management. In the paper, we also explain how learning to fix data can be a means to self-fund other supplier management initiatives (supplier diversity, supply risk, supplier performance, etc.)