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SolutionMap: CW/S Temp Staffing — Q3 2018

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This report contains the Temp Staffing SolutionMap, a comparative analysis of contingent workforce & services technology solution providers addressing temp staffing for Q3 2018.

Contingent Workforce & Services Technology-based Solutions: Trends and Expectations in 2017

CW/S procurement has had a stable--maybe even boring--relationship with VMS as the technology mainstay for well over 10 years. Now, however, new technologies and applications (like cloud computing and online work platforms) are available. While they have not yet had a major industry impact, leading organizations are already moving along the adoption curve.

In this session, Andrew Karpie and Jason Busch map out CW/S technology trends and where they are taking root. --- More importantly, they will explain in ‘plain english’ how it will affect you – the practitioner (not the technologist). Come explore actual applications and potential opportunities you can pursue to ‘up your game.'

A Simplified Look at the Rise of SOW Spending and Understanding the Technology Necessary to Support It

The humble vendor management system (VMS) has come a long way. Yet many procurement organizations still find themselves in the midst of an evolution — from using a VMS to manage staffing firms and contractors to leveraging this same technology to actively manage and influence broader services procurement spend. This involves individual project-based contracting arrangements and other outsourcing and services agreements. Statement of work (SOW) spend can range from tactical services vendors (like those providing facilities support and maintenance) to highly strategic agreements with “partner” suppliers (such as consultancies or outsourcing vendors) and everything in-between. Most organizations’ SOW/services procurement management is at a very early stage of maturity, but leading organizations will achieve significant advantages by moving up the maturity curve through tactical and onto strategic management SOW services. This is a big shift — and it’s one we should not take lightly. Download this paper to learn more.