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Supplier Catalogs for Maintenance: The Internet of [Getting] Things

In the industrial B2B world, and in the MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) world in particular, relevance and personalization via a complexity-taming intelligent system is exceedingly important. If strategic capital assets are not maintained with the right items and services, whether it's new tooling and lubricant for a planned maintenance job or critical spares for unplanned emergency maintenance, millions of dollars can be lost in minutes and hours. Supplier catalogs matter: a lot.

Trapped by Procurement BPO – Pull Out of the Mire

Expecting More From Procurement BPO - Free Research Download
Explores challenges and common pitfalls to procurement BPO at all points in the decision and implementation process — from initial design to sourcing, transition and steady state operations. Includes a number of key recommendations.

Tips for Making the Promised BPO Benefits Real

Expecting More From Procurement BPO Compass - Free Research Download
There are a number of prescriptive organizational, operational and technology components that companies all too often don't fully think through before heading down the BPO path and pulling the trigger on a relationship – not to mention while evaluating their potential partner. This jointly authored Spend Matters / HfS Compass Series paper explores a number of insider tips in great detail, albeit in a fun and informal way.

Designing an Optimal Procurement BPO Program

Expecting More From Procurement BPO Compass - Free Research Download
Examines how companies can – and should – get more from procurement outsourcing initiatives, tackling primarily non-core areas.We cover this and related challenges, providing context for designing and making procurement BPO programs work from the start while continuing to deliver value over time.

Redefining Sustainability: Saving Money, Reducing Risk and Going Green

Spend Matters Perspective - Free Research Download
Learn more about the direct intersection of sustainability and sourcing as well as case examples of situations where organizations have benefited from expanding their definition of sustainability to include cost savings and other benefits. We share our learnings on what business leaders are doing differently.