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Is your Supplier Selection Process a Source of Competitive Disadvantage?

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In this Spend Matters Research Paper we describe how pre-qualification can help – or hinder – your efforts to improve procurement performance, and why it is an important part of the overall sourcing process. We explain the different purposes of the pre-qualification process, why it is important and how it can add value. We look at how to construct and manage an effective pre‑qualification programme, and the different stages involved in the process.

Market-Informed Sourcing: A game-changer for Procurement

Spend Matters - Free Research Download
The latest advanced sourcing technology brings opportunity for organisations – but only if procurement changes the current approach to Category Management, one of our most fundamental processes and methodologies.

A Personal Lesson: Reaching the Limits of Reverse Auctions and Strategic Sourcing

Spend Matters Perspective - Free Research Download A Personal Lesson: Reaching the Limits of Reverse Auctions and Strategic Sourcing: When Collaborative and Quantitative Approaches Would Have Delivered More provides a first person account of how legacy e-sourcing approaches (and reverse auctions in particular) can come up short when it comes to navigating the waters of more complex categories and larger sourcing events. Written in first person and in a straightforward manner, the informality of the white paper masks the complicated nature of the arguments and instructive lessons it makes.

Evolution of Sourcing Technology and Platforms

Next Level Sourcing and Commodity Management - Free Research Download
Explore the evolution of sourcing platforms from the basic reverse auction/RFX/e-sourcing capabilities of yesteryear to the more advanced sourcing and commodity management platforms available today, and discover ways to set up and manage approaches to implement savings programs that go to the bottom line.