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Supplier Enablement for Invoice Discounting and Supply Chain Finance: Background, Tips, and Secrets for Success

Since the arrival of ERP purchasing, eProcurement, and e-invoicing systems in the 1990s, procurement and accounts payable departments have increasingly realized that supplier enablement is a critical process in achieving the expected returns on original investments. How to actually do this is another story. In this paper, Jason Busch walks you through background in this area before diving into tips and secrets for success.

Relationship Counseling for Staffing and Services Procurement – Successful Therapy For Lasting Partnerships

There are many reasons for the uniqueness of the services procurement ecosystem within procurement; this “uniqueness” can vary dramatically by industry and region as well. But a universal theme we’ve observed for years is a significant disconnect between buyers and suppliers — especially between the corporate procurement function and the vendor community (even if the relationship between the non-procurement line of business manager and the vendor is just fine). So how do you bridge the disconnect? Download this paper to find out!

Leapfrog the Competition by Transforming Your Supplier Relationships from Tactical to Strategic

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Doesn't that title make it sound so easy? Don't be fooled: there's hard work in transforming how you engage with your suppliers! This paper will help you better understand how and why organizations are transforming their supplier collaboration practices and provide insight into a more proactive, deliberate collaboration approach to work with your company's supply base.

P&G: A Case Study in 10 Easy Lessons

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This paper provides 10 lessons procurement organizations can learn from P&G’s efforts to create thoughtful value through their working capital programs.

Webinar Slides: Quantifying Supplier Management Returns

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A look at working capital as one of the benefits of supplier management, and a case study example of how Boston University deployed a dynamic supplier information management system that pushed the responsibility for data quality back to the source-the suppliers. Presented by Jason Busch and Richard Stack.

Supplier Lifecycle Management

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A look at the concept of Supplier Lifecycle Management, which works from the premise that the supplier should be considered as central to procurement activities and processes.

Supplier Management Market Observations

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Explores recent trending in the supplier management market (i.e., supply risk management, supplier performance management, CSR/compliance management, supplier diversity, P2P on-boarding, supplier development and other related areas), including the core supplier management capabilities of SAP. Covers general deployment pitfalls to avoid regardless of which provider you've opted to go with – ERP or otherwise.

Beyond Basic Scorecarding – Supplier Performance & Development

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Examines why supplier scorecarding and vendor management programs often come up short, and tips and tactics for designing and rolling out programs to achieve lasting returns. Two case studies from the field provide recommendations for implementing and enhancing scorecarding and development programs.

Leveraging Supplier Management Platforms for Multiple Goals

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Learn more about the evolution of this market and how leading organizations are tackling – both individually and collectively – different supplier management challenges. Also provides checklists for key enabling supplier management feature, capability and solution requirements in the areas of supplier diversity, supply risk and CSR.

Intersection of Analytics and Supply Chain Risk Management

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Simply having access to supply risk information does little to avoid supply chain catastrophes. This research shows you how you can leverage supplier intelligence and analytics to drive early intervention in potentially high-risk situations. Includes vendor coverage.