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For Want of Clean & Accurate Supplier Data, the Supply Chain Was Lost

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The typical Global 2000 firm sits on a broad and deep range of supplier and related spend data that is typically far from adequate. Does a collection of overlapping point solutions, spreadsheets, file cabinets, e-mail inboxes, and SharePoint directories sound familiar? You’re not alone. Read this extensive analysis of how best to approach the big picture around supplier data quality - with a primary focus on the business benefits of SLM (supplier lifecycle management) combined with the supplier-centric subset of MDM (master data management).

Indirect Category Sourcing Savings: Fact or Fiction? Delivering Credible Benefits from Sourcing and Category Management Programmes

In this paper, co-authored by Peter Smith (Spend Matters) and Ed Cross, Executive Director, Procurement Services at Xchanging (XPS), we look at why most organisations would benefit from more focus on the area of programme and delivery management, including rigorous benefits tracking and reporting. We also look at "the Vault" – a new tool developed by XPS which combines capability to support effective programme management and governance with rigourous savings tracking and verification.

Supplier Management ROI: Making a Hard Dollar Business Case

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This analysis provides a return on investment (ROI) driven approach to building a business case for Supplier Information Management (SIM) systems. It explores several business cases, including Accounts Payable (AP)-focused supplier onboarding and management initiatives, supply risk management, and capturing trade credits with vendors based on AP and supplier invoice data tied to vendor file master information. We later provide ROI elements and some supporting benchmarks for readers to use in building their own customized ROI analyses.

Beyond One-Off Initiatives and a Virtual Vendor Master

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Unless your procurement experience comes from living on a remote island where the principal means of trade are focused on bartering goods and services, you will have come across supplier information management(SIM) in some form. If you’ve done your homework, perhaps you have seen one of the many Spend Matters Compass research documents focused on SIM. These documents help define SIM at the enterprise level. For those who aren’t familiar with the basics of SIM, these two papers can serve as a content bridge between that island and the experienced supplier management mainland.

Webinar Slides: Quantifying Supplier Management Returns

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A look at working capital as one of the benefits of supplier management, and a case study example of how Boston University deployed a dynamic supplier information management system that pushed the responsibility for data quality back to the source-the suppliers. Presented by Jason Busch and Richard Stack.

Webinar Slides: Exploring the Dirty Secrets of Dirty Supplier Data

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If you fix the dirty data problem, you can potentially identify and book savings much faster than through sourcing and spend analysis projects. Provides a look at the information necessary to win the fight against contaminated and outdated data.

Supplier Lifecycle Management

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A look at the concept of Supplier Lifecycle Management, which works from the premise that the supplier should be considered as central to procurement activities and processes.

Intersection of Analytics and Supply Chain Risk Management

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Simply having access to supply risk information does little to avoid supply chain catastrophes. This research shows you how you can leverage supplier intelligence and analytics to drive early intervention in potentially high-risk situations. Includes vendor coverage.