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The True Value of Contract Intelligence

How many organisations can answer even basic questions about their supply contracts with any certainty and confidence? Most procurement people and functions, and indeed most business budget holders, will start looking a little – or maybe very – nervous when you start asking basic things like "do you know where all of your contracts are?" The more confident may talk about a contract database, repository or similar...but there's enough uncertainty that we thought we should write a paper about what questions you should ask and how you can truly manage your contracts!

The Past and Future of Strategic Sourcing – Looking Back to Look Forward at E-Sourcing

The future for e-sourcing is bigger and brighter. But as it evolves, it's becoming something different, stretching far beyond what others originally conceived it to be. This future may even seem foreign to those brought up to think about the tools as just a way to model a traditional seven-step process. Yet we can promise you this: emerging e-sourcing scenarios and capabilities will create far greater value for the business and help procurement’s stature rise more than simply pushing through as many events and auctions as possible.