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The Supply Chain Devil’s Dozen: Top 12 Supplier Risks For 2017

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Presenting 12 ideas that specifically focus on supply chain and supplier risks. It's all stuff you should pay attention to. Do your 2017 risk focus areas align to both Spend Matters analysis and what we hear from your peers? You may be able to gain a leg up on the competition (or pending global turmoil)!

The Merger – A Procurement Story

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The Merger is a short novel in four chapters. It follows and scripts the daily lives of two CPOs whose businesses have been recently merged: the one, a fully tech-savvy, source-to-pay function, the other, relying on personal expertise and hands-on manual processes. We learn of their opposing challenges and how they resolve them -- together.

What Do Procurement People Do All Day? (And What Should They Do?)

Organizations as well as individuals should absolutely think about what they do all day, and then compare it to the allocation of what they should be doing all day. Being disciplined about what holds value for you (and your stakeholder) and then measuring and managing (including building capabilities to achieve those measures) to that is a foundational competency that is often overlooked!

Supply Risk Management 2015: Best Practices

This 3-part Spend Matters PRO brief, authored by Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, provides an outlook on how best to manage supply risk programs in 2015. The lessons he presents are based on his experience working with and learning from best practice procurement and supply chain organizations – and academics in the field.

Choosing Procurement Technology – Where Maturity Meets Solutions

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Today, you're just starting out long your long procurement technology journey. But like any talented procurement person, you're always thinking about the future. In the second of our series on how to invest wisely in procurement technology now that will carry you forward, Thomas Kase talks maturity models and everything that goes along with them. Download today!

Ask the Expert: Intellectual Property, Patents & Proprietary Procurement Solutions

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Thomas Kase, VP Research, talks about Ariba’s cache of patents, what they cover, and who might be in violation. He looks at the most recent of Ariba’s 74 patents, in particular those awarded over the past three years – and those published in the same time period but still awaiting decision by the US Patent Office. This session covers ground for both practitioners and providers.

Ask the Expert: From Russia With Risk — Sanctions, Embargoes, and Your Supply Chain

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Supply Risk is coming to you! We couldn’t convince Putin to join us on this Ask the Expert session, but we did secure Gert van der Heijden of Spend Matters Netherlands. He covers how Russian sanctions might impact your supply chain, risk management tactics for this specific situation, different scenarios to consider, and solutions to support your contingency strategy.