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Spend Friends Episode 3

Join Pierre Mitchell of Spend Matters and Bill Michels of CIPS for episode 3 of the monthly video podcast, 'Spend Friends.'

Each month, Bill and Pierre will welcome a special guest and take your questions.

When: Tue February 9 11:00 - 11:30

eWorld Procurement & Supply 2021

The Leading Event for Procurement Innovation Goes Virtual

Since 2001, eWorld Procurement & Supply has provided a unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for senior procurement, supply chain and finance executives. eWorld provides a highly time-effective platform to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, market trends and hot topics.

eWorld 2021 will focus on hot topics such as:

- COVID-19 and the Global Supply Chain: Key Impacts and learnings for the future
- Emerging from the Global Lockdown: What's next for procurement? (trends, forecasts & predictions)
- Crisis Management: Contingency planning & business continuity
- Agile Procurement: Being ready for constant change & disruption
- Procurement on the Move: Mobile & remote working will be the new norm
- Minimum Contact: P2P automation & paperless systems
- Digital Transformation: Evaluating, selecting and implementing new technologies
- Future-Proof: How cloud-based procurement can protect your business
- Supplier Management: A new era of collaboration
- Purchasing with Purpose: Supporting the shift towards sustainable & ethical business
- Procurement Pathways: New skillsets, career mapping & expanding influence within the enterprise

When: Thu March 4 09:30 - 16:30