CLM for Procurement: 4 Must-Haves to Improve Collaboration with Legal

Date: 01/25/2022 Time 12:00 End Date: 01/25/2022 Time 01:00

It’s no secret that the modern-day Procurement team needs a central, searchable contract repository, but as organizations grow, they also need a modern and accessible Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution to bring consistency to buy-side contracting and improve collaboration with Legal.

Join Nick Heinzmann from Spend Matters and Colin Levy, Director of Legal at Malbek on January 25th at 1:00 PM ET to explore the four must-have CLM features for strengthening Procurement contracting.

Key features & questions explored:

– Contract Templates: Where do Procurement teams see the most volume on the contracting spectrum? How can templates be used to outline these transactions at a high level with room for customization as needed?

– Legal Workflows: How can a modern CLM empower Procurement teams to create standardized approval workflows for each agreement type?

– Clause Library: How can Procurement teams bring contract playbooks to life by using pre-approved fallback language from Legal?

– ERP Integrations such as Coupa: How can Procurement teams unite spend and contract management data with productized integrations?