How to Drive Procurement Value When You Don’t Have Money, Talent or Time

Date: 12/14/2022 Time 11:00 End Date: 12/14/2022 Time 12:00

Procurement organizations have a lot on their plate beyond driving value from savings in a market where there are pockets of opportunities. Sustainable value, however, is going to come from extending beyond traditional procurement value adds. There are hundreds of rocks to look under if you have the time – but the procurement talent shortage and often frozen or reduced budgets keeps you from the expensive tools that can help you lift those rocks. If you know where to look, there are some nuggets of opportunity laying around, waiting to be plucked, with minimal lift.

In this webinar Dipan Karumsi, US Leader of KPMG’s Procurement and Outsourcing Advisory Practice, and Pierre Mitchell, Managing Director at Spend Matters, share some of the trends they’re seeing in finding the medium-hanging fruit. You can expect to hear about how many innovative procurement teams are approaching:

  • Lack of money: Self-funding programs, demand management, and some new ways of looking at “savings”
  • Lack of available talent: Contingent labor, managed services, and automation so your team can do more with less
  • Lack of time: reporting efficiencies, process mining, and other efficiencies to consider
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Morgan Zombolas