Maximize Your Legal Operations With Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Date: 09/20/2022 Time 01:00 End Date: 09/20/2022

With CobbleStone Contract Insight® contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, you can take control of your contracts and legal operations. Discover how user-friendly contract management software can effectively assist your organization with managing contracts and committals – including organizing your contracts in a searchable database, receiving email and calendar alerts for key dates, tracking financials, improving cycle times with automated workflows, signing efficiently with IntelliSign® eSignature software and other eSign connectors, authoring contracts from pre-approved templates and clauses, extracting data with IntelliXtract™, running advanced reports, and much more.

In this CCBJ Tech Tuesday webcast, discover how contract management software, backed by VISDOM® artificial intelligence with machine learning, can optimize your organization’s contracts – as it can provide you with better governance over your organization’s contracts within a user-friendly legal CLM platform. See why thousands of legal professionals around the globe rely on CLM software to streamline their legal operations.

During this webcast, you can learn how to:

Leverage Legal CLM Software
Draft Stronger Contracts
Manage Risk With Artificial Intelligence
Improve Contract Negotiations
And More!

After the demonstration, You will have the chance to engage in a question-and-answer time with CLM software expert, Michael Gormley, Jr.

Speaker Bio

Bradford Jones