Safety + Procurement = Risk Reduction & Savings

Date: 10/20/2021 Time 10:00 End Date: 10/20/2021 Time 11:00

Safety Drives Savings

The reality is that if HSE doesn’t give Procurement the real-time insights needed to make informed hiring decisions and Procurement doesn’t adhere to HSE guidance on hiring only qualified and compliant contractors, serious risk creeps into company operations. When that risk is realized, bad things happen — people get hurt, projects get disrupted, and the associated costs add up quickly.

Join speakers, Pierre Mitchell, Managing Director and Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters and Jamie Brener, Veriforce Senior Advisor – Procurement & Insurance, for an informative discussion about supplier safety and compliance.

Designed to bring safety and procurement professionals closer, we will walk through tangible examples where the combined power of both teams can reduce risk, ensure compliance, and drive quantifiable savings.

What you’ll learn:
– Key areas safety teams wished procurement understood
– Key topics procurement teams wished safety understood
– Opportunities to find savings for both safety and procurement
– Levers teams can pull across both functions to drive outcomes and achieve KPIs
– How to create incentives and carve out designated ownership structures