Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spend Matters PRO?

Spend Matters PRO is a paid member program that delivers procurement and supply chain professionals an information advantage by providing original thought, insightful analyses, and unbiased opinion that doesn’t hedge, obfuscate, or pander.

Why isn’t Spend Matters completely free anymore?

The majority of day-to-day content (4-5 articles) on Spend Matters is still free every single day. Spend Matters PRO members receive additional PRO-only content. The depth of detail of coverage increases with your paid membership.

What's the business case, you ask? We’re resolutely independent, as you know. We want to provide more services to our readers. And we need some sort of revenue that doesn’t come from the provider side to do so. You’re helping us keep our independence, continue to provide the quality content you expect and expand in the meantime.

Should I become a member of Spend Matters PRO?

Spend Matters PRO brings you many additional layers of depth and analysis to aid in your overall procurement strategy, not to mention the most insightful and in-depth hardcore research-methodology driven technology reviews. It provides concrete recommendations and takeaways to help procurement professionals, consultants, and technology providers make both strategic and tactical decisions. Spend Matters PRO doesn’t just inform on the issues and available technology. It makes you smarter and able to act on them.

Spend Matters PRO content is written for: CPOs, CFOs, Procurement Technology Leads/Directors, Head of Procurement Strategy and Technology, Systems Program Managers, Finance Directors/Controllers, Management Consultants, etc.

Where is the research located? Is that still free?

We’ve consolidated our research library onto one site. One sign-on allows access all of the free research, which is now organized by both subject matter and type of research (e.g. Best Practices, How-to Guides, Provider Coverage, Market Analysis). Hopefully, this makes things much easier for you!

Spend Matters PRO members have access to our new Premium Research library, which includes downloadable versions of Spend Matters PRO content (amongst other exclusive goodies).

Can I share my log-in and password? My whole team needs to see this immediately.

Our user agreement does not allow for shared account access. Each account is designed for individual access only. Do not share your password.

That being said, contact us if you’re interested in multi-user or organization-wide access for your whole team. It can be set up in less than 24 hours, and users onboard themselves through a customized sign-up page.

Why should I join?

Independent and aligned viewpoint – Spend Matters is the most in-depth, independent source in the procurement world. We are genuinely neutral and independent and aligned to your needs – on your side. There’s no worry about whether you’re being fed a particular “angle,” ever.

Expert opinion – We are not afraid to express opinions, which we do fearlessly and honestly (even if it upsets people). We have lost advertisers in the past because of this stance on our public sites. Whether you agree with us or not, you will get definite opinion – not just facts, or even worse, advertising material!

A focused and prioritized view – The necessities, filtered out from the rubbish and “noise” of the modern connected world. Not just in terms of technology, but in the latest thinking and newest research. Spend Matters Plus and Spend Matters PRO helps you keep up without spending all your time reading papers, press releases, supplier literature, etc.

What’s the difference between Spend Matters PRO and regular Spend Matters?

Spend Matters PRO delivers a level of depth, insight and analysis that goes far beyond what is available in the public domain or from other research and analyst services. It also provides concrete recommendations and takeaways to help procurement professionals, consultants, and technology providers make both strategic and tactical decisions. It doesn’t just inform on the issues and available technology. Spend Matters PRO makes you smarter and able to act on them.

I’m a practitioner. What are my specific benefits?

As a shortlist:

  • Keep up to date – Rapidly and clearly communicated news about tools and technology, economic and market developments. Keep ahead of competitors, and demonstrate your skills as a leading-edge practitioner in our field.
  • Real insight – Into technology, tools, etc, so you can choose the right systems, tools and providers.
  • Go deep – Get the level of detail, nuance, and frequency you need to create a real-time view into the market.

I’m a solution provider. What are my specific benefits?

  • Keep up to date – keep up with what the market and your competitors are doing, with the added bonus of the latest thinking and developments in the procurement world generally.
  • Go deep – The majority of research by industry analyst firms is two-dimensional and fails to dig into the level of detail, nuance and frequency necessary to provide a real-time view into the market to help providers understand their competitive position and where to focus their product and solution investments to come up with what is next. We publish deeper, more frequent and more expert insight in the key areas we cover to inform grounded product and go-to-market decisions.
  • Real insight – into technology, tools, etc, so you can understand where you fit into the competitive environment, and how you can stay ahead of the game. See yourself as a supplier and create the buzz needed to keep you in the “preferred” lists.

What's the “Spend Matters Almanac”?

The Almanac is a vendor intelligence directory for modern procurement covering more than 25 categories and featuring more than 500+ solution providers — including Spend Matters analysts’ unbiased reviews — and serves as a resource for anyone interested in our objective view of the procurement service provider landscape.

Visit the Spend Matters Almanac to access detailed provider listings for these and other providers.

I want to make sure you cover my company. What should I do?

The short answer is simple: get in our face. Tell us about your product, your services and the afterlife of the experience in working with you. If you sell a technology solution:

  • Give us a detailed background briefing
  • Spend 2-3 hours walking us through a detailed demonstration (or give us the keys to a demo site)
  • Provide a minimum of 2-3 reference customers for each product area you’d like covered

Once you go through the introduction process, we cannot promise featured coverage (e.g., a multi-part research series), but we will include you in our shortlists and general write-ups of sectors provided your solutions impress us and your customers are at least satisfied.

After initial briefings, demonstrations, etc. please plan to keep us in the loop at least twice per year with periodic updates, briefings and demonstrations. We strongly encourage providers to visit us in Chicago and London as we like putting faces to names. To schedule a briefing with a Spend Matters analyst, contact us