Private equity, corporate development teams and other investors need specialized product, market, customer and technical insight when making acquisition and investment decisions.

Gut Decisions Don’t Cut It

Spend Matters takes a bottom-up approach to
delivering granular insight and strategic analysis. 

Is the solution real or rubbish?

Is their product as good as they claim? Is there data to show how the assets stack up competitively? What is the real risk of disruption?

What actually drives this specific market?

What market dynamics matter most? What is driving TAM? And what could our potential share of it be?

What can we add to the recipe?

What are clever places to go next? What should we tinker with to create value vs leave alone? What should be on our shopping list and why?

For PE and Corporate Development Teams

Benchmarking Insight

Granular benchmark data at the module, functional and platform/stack levels triangulated with customer ratings and commentary.

Expert Analysis

Interpretation of what benchmarks suggest (and do not suggest) based on target market segments, real-world adoption and sales insight.

The Big Picture

Market analysis, M&A and growth insights from those who have played a key role in defining the sector over the past 30 years.

Types of Diligence We Offer

The current environment does not allow for “false positives.”
Make no-regrets diligence decisions.

Product + Customer

Product diligence and insight focused entirely on procurement, finance and supply chain solutions, plus customer analysis and benchmarking insights.


Strategy, competitive, growth, headwind/tailwind, channel/partner, scenario, geographic sector disruption, M&A, TAM and related analysis. 


Code, stack, AI/ML, architecture, platform, integration, security, dev ops, technical debt and related analysis.

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