Market Intelligence

Accurate, trusted, third-party neutral technology ranking data and customer feedback for technology selection, competitive intelligence, market sizing, product development and beyond.

How Market Intelligence Works

There’s obviously no shortage of data in the world. But accurate, curated data on a niche topic that’s organized in a way to be immediately useful and help with complex decision making is rare. Spend Matters dataset and IP is designed specifically for procurement, finance and supply chain practitioners, solution providers, consultants and investors to help them get to work — fast.

Spend Matters IP serves …


What tech will have the greatest impact, in what order do you implement, and how do you make the business case? How do you know which provider is best across capability, culture and cost?

Solution Providers and Consultants

How do I get current, comprehensive intelligence on technology vendors across the source-to-pay spectrum? How does their tech work, and what do their customers think of it?


What market dynamics matter most? What is driving TAM? Will my investment actually do what it says it will? What is the real risk of disruption? 

Market Intelligence Offerings

Spend Matters Insider

Independent, zero pay-to-play, brutally honest coverage of solution providers, market developments and trends affecting procurement, finance and supply chain.

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Spend Matters TechMatch

A tech-selection engine that helps procurement and finance technology buyers hone requirements, explore the market and identify best-fit solutions.

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Due Diligence

Bespoke product, commercial and market diligence with an emphasis on granular cuts of Spend Matters data to drive analysis.

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