The Contingent Workforce and Services (CW/S) Insider’s Hot List: April 2020 [Plus+]

Welcome to the April 2020 edition of Spend Matters Insider’s Hot List, a monthly look at the contingent workforce and services (CW/S) space that’s available to our PLUS and PRO subscribers. For those new to the Hot List, each edition covers the prior month’s important or interesting technology and innovation developments in the CW/S space.

In the last Hot List, we covered key events and developments that took place in February Among those were FY 2019 financial reports of three publicly traded online work/services platforms, various developments among a number of online work/services platforms and ongoing developments in financial services that cater to contingent workers and small businesses.

While this month’s Hot List will focus on what happened in the historic month of March 2020, it will try to give readers a respite from the bombardment of COVID-19 news and mostly focus on what may be workforce “hot spots,” but not in the epidemiological sense. (For help with coronavirus-related workforce issues, read our coverage of go-to solutions for finding workers in a crisis and how businesses can cope in the near term and other phases of the crisis.)

Turning now to the workforce developments in March 2020 …

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Afternoon Coffee, coronavirus edition: FBI resends alert about supply chain attacks; Find go-to solutions to target fraud; Avetta has tips on getting small business loans; UPS aids healthcare supply chain; TP crisis?

For the third time in three months, the FBI has alerted companies about state-sponsored hackers using the Kwampirs malware, which is now being used against healthcare companies. In related news, Spend Matters Coronavirus Response series highlights solutions that can help in a crisis. Today we write about fraud detection and mitigation. Read our PRO post to learn more about AppZen, ConnXus and APEX Analytix. In other news: Avetta to shed light on applying for loans via the federal New Small Business Assistance Programs (CARES). And more on grocery stores, toilet paper and the future of U.S. supply chains. Afternoon Coffee: Chock full o’ news.

Through April 2020, a special PRO Expert Survival Pack is available to procurement practitioners only* at up to 50% off — Learn more

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