China tariffs on ‘certain’ items delayed til Dec. 15; Field Nation launches multi-site work orders

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) said “it will delay 10% tariffs on ‘certain articles’ from China, originally slated to take effect Sept. 1, to Dec. 15,” according to Supply Chain Dive. Field Nation is on a crusade against duplicate data entry by looking to streamline workflow and releasing multi-site work orders. And HP laptop maker Inventec Corp. said it would be moving its manufacturing base for U.S. laptops out of China. Afternoon Coffee: your source for procurement and supply chain news.

How and Why Digital Transformation Will Vastly Reshape Procurement & Finance Roles

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When a business upgrades a department like procurement or finance, the goal usually involves cutting costs, improving that one department and using data to assess their past performance. But that version of business is fading quickly as automation, digitization and changing trade force companies to be forward-looking and dynamic in their use of data.

That future also promises much more visibility for companies and consumers to be empowered and make better decisions.

But in the present, executives must prepare for the digital transformation of business operations and plan for more radical change across the whole enterprise. This will require them to figure how best to invest in technology, reshape their workforce and create bold visions of the future.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement