For Procurement Organizations

Procurement people need “guided buying” too. Especially for their tech.

The Burning Questions

Procurement tech decisions should be the last thing keeping you up at night (you have supply chain issues for that!).

What do I actually need?

What tech will have the greatest impact, in what order do you implement and how do you make the business case?

It all looks the same!

Once you’ve decided what you need, how do you know which provider is best across capability, culture and cost?

Can I believe the hype?

“It has AI” can sound a lot like “it has magic unicorn dust” —how do you know whether solution providers can actually do what they say they do?

How we help procurement teams

Stop googling

The number one way people find new technology is via search engines — that vendors have cleverly gamed. You need to know what’s really out there.

Ditch the RFIs

Nobody has time to build, solicit, analyze and field demos for 10+ procurement technology RFIs. Get to a best-fit shortlist so you only explore what will actually work.

Decide with data

Trusted data = better decisions is an adage procurement lives by. Why would you trust opinion or a static quadrant when you can work with an accurate and continually updated data set?

Meet Insider + TechMatch

Never regret a procurement technology decision again.

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You may not be in a tech buying cycle, but who knows when an initiative may pop up! Stay informed on the latest headwinds, tailwinds and trends in procurement tech.

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